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Will Phoenix Return to WWE?, McMahon Hit with Warning, Ziggler’s Bro

– WWE NXT wrestler Briley Pierce turns 28 years old today. Pierce is the younger brother of WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler.

– The Connecticut Election enforcement Commission has warned Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign for alleged “deceitful tactics” because of a mailer that was sent out to residents. The mailer apparently looked like an official government mailing and citizens complained about how confusing it was. The McMahon campaign has blamed their opponents.

– Those close to Beth Phoenix say we shouldn’t expect her back in a WWE ring in 2013. It’s expected eventually she will be back but no time soon. Beth reportedly left WWE on good terms with the door open for a return.

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  • Lisa

    Who gives a fuck about Ziggler’s brother? The two of them are the most untalented and annoying siblings on earth. On Linda, let her go to hell with her political ambitions. I will be celebrating when she loses on Tuesday.

  • EC

    I saw the title of this post and made a bet with my friend over who the first comment would be from and why. I won $10

  • Chelsii.

    You should spend that $10 on a muzzle for a certain someone.

  • matthew

    I hope Linda loses. Wasting all of Vince money that wrestlers bled and died for just for Linda to be accepted by elitist scum bags

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    Willing to bet that all three of Lisa’s likes are from herself on different IP and names.

  • Real Kosher

    whoa thats crazy…I turned 28 today too…november 4th

  • WNZ Marc Middleton

    Dear Lisa
    Lisa We have notice that you keep swearing on our pages and we like you to stop with the swearing or we will have to ban your ip address because we got complaints about over 100 emails of all the swearing and its getting out of control so this a WARNING next WARNING will be a IP Ban

  • Jay

    Who is this bitch Lisa, what is your problem with Ziggler. I mean it is not our fault, you have absolutley no eye for talent. If someone is not winning every match then you see them as crap or bad. And I’m sorry, I know the politics of WWE is annoying with Linda, but I would want her to win. Because Linda is obviously an awesome mom, and was really good on tv. Plus it is over in a week, by January WWE will have a little more attitude going to mania.

  • brandon

    I fucking hate you Lisa. I fucking HATE you.

  • mike

    linda has no chance of winning this tuesday…….. im sorry but coming from her background. wwe is awesome but its full of complete and total dumbasses who just beat the crap out of each other…. and her husband owns the company they are plenty of people out their who went to yale harvard brown and many other places..

  • Brody Lawrence

    Anyone who is a fan of WWE should want Linda to win. If for no other reason, they can stop pretending to be a politically correct, PG-rated organization and get back to being a wrestling company. No more editing & kiddifying their DVDs, no more using John Cena as a puppet for breast cancer awareness (yes it’s a good cause but it’s all about the campaign), no more PG Raws or Smackdowns. WWE can go back to running serious wrestling shows instead of turning off fans in a vain attempt to get Linda elected to Congeess.

    If she loses they’ll probably never stop trying to get her elected to the Senate or even the House. WWE will be PG for the forseeable future. DO ANY of us want that?

  • Kerwin white is jebus

    Brody, if you think that Linda winning means that WWE can go back to having an attitude, you do not understand politics.

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