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Will Punk Stay with Heyman?, Top Stars on Tonight’s RAW Except for One, More

– Tonight’s WWE RAW takes place from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Confirmed to make appearances tonight are Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. It’s likely Triple H will be appearing also. One star who is not advertised for tonight’s show is WWE Champion The Rock.

No matches have been announced for tonight but CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena and Ryback is being advertised locally. WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight:

* Who is next in Brock Lesnar’s sights?

* How will Vince McMahon respond to Lesnar’s attack?

* Is Paul Heyman on borrowed time?

* What will The Shield do next?

* Will CM Punk stick with Paul Heyman?

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  • DC

    Supposedly there will be a MizTV with Heyman. I’m a huge fan of Miz, but i HATE MizTV. It would be awesome though if Miz pisses of Heyman and Lesnar came out about to destroy Miz when HHH comes out and helps him. Then, in the commotion of it all, Cesaro comes out and attacks Miz. Miz and Cesaro have easily had the best feud over a Mid-Card title in years.

  • Chelsii

    I have such high hopes for this Raw, I think it’s going to be the best Raw since Raw 1000.

    • Thatoneperson


      • Chelsii

        Read the synopsis for it, that’s why. It’s all about CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

        • Thatoneperson

          I’m willing to bet CM Punk will mention Rock’s absence tonight.

          • CMmox

            That’s actually a lock, lol.

        • jcice13

          you think that maybe soon they’re going to have heyman and lester turn on punk? that way the fans can cheer him like they want to now?

  • CMmox

    don’t miss the next episode of Dragon Ball Z… I mean Monday Night RAW… Honestly what’s up with these?

    • Hawkins

      HA!! i did that B4 and idk it is stupid…its like those ol comic Books or something…

      • CMmox


  • DoingMaThing

    Last weeks RAW was terrible. Hopefully tonight’s RAW will be better.

    Punk doesnt need Heyman but Brock does.

    • Thatoneperson

      I would rather see a stable between the two and maybe throw in the shield.

  • AJStylesTheBest

    Punk & Ziggler (YEAH!)
    Cena & Ryback (BOO!)

    • CMmox

      And WWE wants as to act the opposite way. Pathetic.

  • Kedo2

    Another RAW without the champ ?

    • its the first one…

      • Kedo2

        Ah you’re right. I was thinking that I saw the news here, and thoughed it was more than a week before. (still got a lot of thumbs up :?)

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