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William Regal Appalled With Online Report, Ezekiel Jackson Profiled

– William Regal has dismissed online reports attributed to F4WOnline.com claiming that he said WWE was searching for “ROH style” wrestlers while evaluating five prospects at this week’s television events in Canada.

He wrote on Twitter, “Someone has just tweeted me about something that I’m supposed to have said over the last two days while spending time and giving invaluable advise to wrestlers who come to be looked at by the WWE. I know I’m old and my standards are different to most but it really sickens me that someone out of the five people I saw this week would do that. Whats more appalling to me is that I never actually said what was quoted and so it shows that they weren’t even listening. Such a shame.”

Regal was also asked whether he is retired from the squared circle since he now works behind-the-scenes. He responded, “I do bits of it all.”

– The October 2012 issue of MuscleMag features a profile on Ezekiel Jackson’s workout routine. Enclosing a photo of the article, the SmackDown Superstar tweeted, “Article in the Oct issue of Musclemag. the first fitness mag I bought in 1992 that has helped me.”

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  • Kayfabe fan

    Am i the only who can’t stop listening to regal’s real mans man

  • Real Kosher

    I think Zeke needs to come back in a tag team w maybe a smaller guy like JTG or w Mark Henry.

  • Bad News Bro

    I’m appalled by that statement, just because it doesn’t make sense. “ROH style wrestlers.” The fuck does that even mean? Good wrestlers who’ve traveled and trained extensively and know what they’re doing?

    ROH is the only company that doesn’t carry any prejudice in its roster and how it pushes talent. They push you solely based on your skills and the reception you receive from the audience (as it should be). Maybe it’s not what was meant in this particular instance (we don’t really know), but the cliche for an “ROH style wrestler” is to be bland and undersized, which is also a gross inaccuracy. Kevin Steen doesn’t fit that description at all, and he’s their champion. Even Bryan, who still wasn’t a mic-guy at the time, showed a tremendous amount of charisma in his matches in ROH. The Brisoces, Mike Bennett, El Generico, Grizzly Redwood, The Young Bucks, and Homicide are all guys whose characters would probably be better suited in a sports-entertainment setting. Yet, they’re in ROH. Why would that be? Because when they put the mic down and that bell rings, they can still fucking go! ROH looks at athleticism more than anything else. Charisma and mic skills are just icing on the cake to them, and they both can be taught and learned over time.

    So, again, what does that mean? “They’re looking for ROH style wrestlers.” If at all true, the correct way to say that would be, “They’re looking for experienced wrestlers.” Not just ROH, but the Indies in general. Which, honestly, wouldn’t shock me. With the success of both Punk and Bryan, accompanied by the hype surrounding Rollins, Ambrose, Cesaro, and Ohno, I could definitely believe that WWE has taken an interest in the Indy scene. I just doubt that they’d single out ONE company and that William Regal, of all people, would make generalizations on what kind of talent that one company has and what his company is looking for. Regal is the last person in this industry that I would accuse of being that narrow-minded. Talent is talent, plain and simple. This rumor is either bullshit that was fabricated by the dirt sheets or is bullshit that was fabricated by someone who is inexperienced and bitter that he wasn’t chosen.

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