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WrestleMania 32 Results:Charlotte Now Women’s Champion

Thanks to an announcement during the pre-show, the winner of this match becomes the first WWE Women’s Champion. And, Charlotte has made history even before she wrestles, as she can go down in the history books as the final Divas Champion ever. And with that said, of course, it’s time for the triple threat match!

Things started fast and furious, with each woman  going for quick pins right out of the gate. And things just kept going from that point, as it was move after countermove, as just when you thought someone had an edge, she was challenged by one of her opponents. We had several stretches where one woman was on the outside and we basically had a one on one match for a bit.

And, of course, all three ladies decided to trade high risk moves too, with all of them performing crazy dives and splashes, perhaps the craziest being Charlotte’s top rope moonsault to the outside.

In the end, Charlotte sent Sasha to the outside and got Becky in the Figure 8. As Sasha went to break up the hold, Ric opted to hold her on the outside and Becky tapped, making Charlotte the new Women’s Champion.



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