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WrestleMania 32 Results: Shane Succumbs To The Phenom

OK folks, it’s time for Hell In A Cell! Each man got a nice entrance, with ‘Taker getting his usual epic and drawn out walk to the ring.

In the early part of the match, Shane was going for quick bursts of offense and then retreating. The tactic only seemed to annoy Undertaker, leading The Phenom to get his own big shots in as a response, and allowing him to take control.

But, no matter what Undertaker threw at Shane, the prodigal son would not stay down-even kicking out after a Last Ride.

Shane was not going to go quietly, however, as he managed to get Undertaker in a triangle choke and nearly made the Dead Man pass out. But Undertaker quickly countered, delivering a choke slam onto the ring steps, which had been brought into the ring.

Undertaker looked to have Shane dead to rights as he cinched in Hells Gate, but McMahon actually managed to not only escape, but reverse it into a Sharpshooter.

Things actually managed to spill outside of the Cell, thanks in part to Shane using a bolt cutter. But on the outside, things largely favored Undertaker, until Shane escaped a Tombstone attempt with a sleeper of his own, which ‘Taker escaped-sort of-by leaping through the Spanish announce table.

Which was topped when Shane climbed to the top of the Cell, and jumped off. Unfortunately, ‘Taker moved out of the way and it was Shane putting himself through a table.

Undertaker seized the opportunity, got Shane back in the ring for a Tombstone and the win.

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