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WrestleMania 32 Results: Lucky 13 For Lesnar

It’s time for our No Holds Barred Street Fight, something we haven’t gotten at WrestleMania in over a decade.

Brock opens with a barrage of German suplexes before Dean is able to attempt to counter, by way of a kendo stick on the outside.

As Brock took things back to the ring, he looked unfazed by the weapons-and actually snapped the kendo stick in half, his way of showing he didn’t need weapons to win.

After another series of suplexes, Brock taunted Ambrose with another kendo stick, daring Ambrose to come and get it. Instead, Ambrose delivered a low blow to turn the tables. Back on the outside, Dean wanted to use the chainsaw from Funk but was not able to so. He was, however, eventually able to use a fire extinguisher, which caught him a break.

Dean went for the chairs, and then for the barb-wire bat, but ultimately Lesnar was able to deliver a massive German-the 13th suplex of the night-onto the chairs, followed up by an F5, also on the chairs, which was all she wrote. Lesnar claims victory in the street fight.

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