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WrestleMania 32 Set Near Completion (Photo)

Below is the latest picture of the WrestleMania 32 set, snapped this afternoon. The WWE is placing the final touches on their setting, which can result in new tickets being made available.


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  • Fred Rogers

    I’m really not liking the star up top at that angle. I know they want as many visible seats as possible, but I’m really hoping that this isn’t the finished product.

    • Jeff

      It looks kind of cheap for some reason

      • Fred Rogers

        It’s almost as if they started building it and just said, “Ah, forget it. We’re fine, no need to finish it.”

  • The Shockmaster

    ‘…final touches on their setting’. Lisbotch strikes again.

  • Fred Rogers

    Another thing I just thought of. How are they gonna pull off any type of fireworks or pyro with those seats behind the stage being so close?

  • Darda Cook

    the last few Mania sets have just looked cheap to me..
    I am not pointing any fingers but mania is your super bowl
    it should be over the top not under the rug and in your pocket

  • PR Gamer

    Did they ran out of ideas or money or what. I miss the different exciting stages, now everything its the same. Regular ppv with the same Raw/SD stage now WM the star meh. Like someone said its your superbowl go nuts, Anyway I work tomorrow all day fml, will miss like the first half, see yall in the comments.

    • Zohaib Hassan

      My thoughts exactly the same

  • http://salutethemiddlefin.wix.com/middlefinger The Middle Finger

    The last good WrestleMania set was probably WrestleMania 25.

    • Rizzy

      26 and 30 were alright

    • 12345678

      you didnt like 27 & 29?

      • http://salutethemiddlefin.wix.com/middlefinger The Middle Finger

        29 was decent because I like the whole New York style, but 28 was too much like 24. Same with last year too

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