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WrestleMania Stage Catches Fire At The End Of Show, Finn Balor Cleared & Ready To Go

Last night at the end of WrestleMania as The Undertaker’s music was still playing, the stage caught fire from the pyrotechnics that were going off.

A black plume of smoke rose upwards as personnel took charge of putting the unplanned flames out.

Below is a close up picture from Twitter:

And here are two videos of the stage catching fire also taken from fans on Twitter:


WWE 2K posted a video to Youtube of Finn Balor who, despite him being absent from the WrestleMania spotlight last night, relays that he is medically cleared and ready to go:

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Bawhh Gawd it’s Kane!!

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  • Omega’d

    Even the stage was like “f*ck this company, i’m burning it to the ground”

    • https://www.twitter.com/HawkGIVEEMHELL NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      Stage: LOL its hot

  • Bizzarosupes

    The stage must of released it’s mix tape during Takers retirement gesture.

  • JFJ

    Well WWE is two for two. Two Wrestlemanias in Orlando and two stage fires. At Wrestlemania 24 the stage caught fire at the end of the show, which was also an Undertaker (Thank you Taker!) match. That one saw the Dead Man beat future Hall of Famer Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship (meaning the Big Gold Belt).

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