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Wrestler Officially Gone From TNA, Knockout Returns To Impact, Hulk Hogan Returning

– Devon is officially gone from TNA Wrestling as Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling concluded with the accomplished tag team wrestler being forced out of the organization. He was pinned in a 10-man tag team match between the Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights carrying a stipulation that the wrestler who took the fall would be prohibited from appearing on television.

Following the show, Devon wrote on Twitter: “I would like to thank the TNA wrestlers for 8 great years. You guys are truly my family.”

– Brooke Tessmacher was re-introduced on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling as the girlfriend of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray. Ray teased Brooke Hogan appearing, but Tessmacher instead appeared on-stage and subsequently made out with Ray.

The official YouTube account of TNA Wrestling has released this video of Ray and Tessmacher touting their relationship.

YouTube Preview Image

– TNA Wrestling has announced that General Manager Hulk Hogan will return to television on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling emanating from Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The storyline explanation for his absence from television in recent weeks is that he was immersed in meetings regarding legal matters.

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  • james clinton

    so how do they write off brooke hogan? didn’t he rip up the “divorce papers” so storywise they’re still married?

  • Chelsii?

    Lol, I bet Brooke just loves making out with Bully Ray.

    • Ricardo Rodriguez

      i doubt it.

      • Chelsii?

        You don’t speak sarcasm do you?

  • tt2000


  • Devon

    That whole thing wit Tessmacher was hilarious. I started watching when that came on.

  • mrlaw

    I don’t see how Brook Tessmacher is a shock to anyone. She’s hot, yes, but she has no power within TNA.. Why make it such a big deal? It could had been a big deal if Brooke Hogan didn’t announce she was engage and had moved on from Bully Ray so the whole Tessmacher thing is useless.. If TNA would had booked the angle right, it would be worth something and this is what I mean; Brooke should had fought for Bully’s love and affection even after he turned heel. They should had made her love sick and Bully should had been verbally abusive towards her. Now, I’m glad they finally fired Brook but they should had waited until after Tessmacher was revealed to be Bully’s real girlfriend after all these months of stringing Brook along and considering staying her husband. They should had embarrassed Brook Hogan one last time in the middle of the ring and made her quit on TV. Would had made for better drama..

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