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Wrestling Birthday – April 16

Today, April 16, sees three wrestling birthdays. Paul London turns 36 years old, George Steele would be 80 and Vickie Guerrero hits 49.

Paul London was born in 1980:

– Held WWE’s tag team and cruiserweight titles

– Used to team with Brian Kendrick

– Critical of the WWE

George Steele was born in 1937:

– Debuted in 1962

– Joined WWE’s Hall of Fame in 1995

– Sadly, passed away in February 2017

Vickie Guerrero was born in 1968:

– Widow to Eddie Guerrero

– Remarried last year

– Turned to a medical career after WWE

Happy Birthday Paul London, George Steele and Vickie Guerrero!!!

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  • JFJ

    If Paul London was born in 1980 he would be 37 today not 36.

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