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Wrestling Birthday – April 20

Today, April 20, sees three wrestling birthdays. Garett Bischoff turns 33 years old, Jon Hugger is 40 and Curt Hawkins hits 31.

Garett Bischoff was born in 1984:

– Son of Eric Bishoff

– Was part of TNA’s Aces & 8s

– Basically left the wrestling business since TNA

Jon Hugger was born in 1977:

– Known as Johnny Stamboli

– Trained by the WCW Power Plant

– Wore a mask in TNA and was called REDRUM

Curt Hawkins was born in 1985:

– Originally teamed with Zack Ryder in WWE

– Later teamed with Vance Archer and Tyler Reks

– Returned to WWE earlier this year on SmackDown

Happy Birthday Garett Bischoff, Jon Hugger and Curt Hawkins!!!

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  • JFJ

    No mention of the fact the Hawkins and Ryder once held the original Smackdown Tag Team Championship? Hugger was never known as Redrum in TNA. That was his name on the indy circuit. In TNA Hugger was known as Rellik. Also, if Hawkins was born in 1985 then he is 32 today not 31.

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