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Wrestling Birthday – April 7

Zack Ryder
Today, April 20, sees three wrestling birthdays. Droz turns 47 years old, Sonjay Dutt is 33 and David Otunga hits 36.

Droz was born in 1969:

– Played for NFL’s New York Jets and Denver Broncos

– Could puke on call

– Quadriplegic due to a neck injury

Sonjay Dutt was born in 1982:

– Former TNA X-Divsion Champion

– Debuted in 2000

– Now competes in GFW

David Otunga was born in 1980:

– Originally teamed with  Zack Ryder in WWE

– Former member of The Nexus

– Married to Jennifer Hudson

Happy Birthday Droz, Sonjay Dutt and David Otunga!!!

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  • JFJ

    Slight correction: Sonjay Dutt has never held the TNA (or NWA) X Division Championship, though he has competed for it on several occasions (they’ve always made sure to mention that fact when he’s wrestled on Impact, even going so far as calling him “The Best X Division Competitor to Never Hold the X-Division Championship).

    Also, no mention of the fact that David Otunga is a 2 time WWE Tag Team Champion (once with John Cena and once with Michael McGillicutty aka Joe Hennig aka Curtis Axel?

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Goooootttttteeeemmmmmm ?????

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Poor Otunga lol

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