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Wrestling Birthday – February 28

WWE Hall of Fame
Today, February 28, sees three wrestling birthdays. Ricky Steamboat is 63, Masato Tanaka turns 43, and Norman Smiley is 51.

Ricky Steamboat was born in 1953:

– Fought at WrestleMania 25

– Joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009

Masato Tanaka was born in 1973:

– Was ECW heavyweight and tag team champion

– Lost to Mike Awesome and Balls Mahoney at the first two ECW One Night Stand pay per views

Norman Smiley was born in 1965:

– Signature move was the Big Wiggle

– Currently helps train wrestlers in NXT

Happy Birthday Ricky Steamboat, Masato Tanaka, Norman Smiley!!!

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