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Wrestling Birthday – January 10

Today, January 10, sees six birthdays in the wrestling world. Marcus “Buff” Bagwell turns 46 years old, Brian Christopher turns 44, Colonel DeBeers turns 71, “El Puma” Jerry Estrada is 58, Donovan Morgan is now 40 and Tamina Snuka hits 38.

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell was born in 1970:

– He was a member of the WCW roster until they went out of business

– Was released by the WWE after only a few appearances

– Was on Showtime’s Gigolos

Brian Christopher was born in 1972:

– His father is Jerry “The King” Lawler

– Former WWE tag team champion

– Appeared at NXT Arrival and “Old School” RAW two years ago

Colonel DeBeers was born in 1945:

– Before wrestling, he spent a short time playing for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals

– A large part of his wrestling career occurred in the AWA

– Officially retired in 2003

“El Puma” Jerry Estrada was born in 1958:

– Worked for the WWE between 1997-1998 as AAA and WWE had a working deal

– Never wrestled with a mask

– Came out of a decade long retirement for one match in 2013

Donovan Morgan was born in 1976:

– Received several tryouts by WCW and WWE

– Won the ROH tag team titles with Christopher Daniels

– In 2006, he became a mortgage broker

Tamina Snuka was born in 1978:

– Daughter of Jimmy Snuka

– Currently part of Team BAD

– Trained at the Wild Samoan Training Center

Happy Birthday to Marcus “Buff” Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Colonel DeBeers, “El Puma” Jerry Estrada, Donovan Morgan and Tamina Snuka!!!

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