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Wrestling Birthday – July 9

WWE Hall of Fame
Today, July 9, sees three wrestling birthdays. Marc Mero turns 56 years old, Kevin Nash is 57 and Shelton Benjamin hits 41.

Marc Mero was born in 1960:

– Debuted in WWE with his Sable being his valet

– Underwent heart surgery in 2004 and doctors think he’ll need another operation

– Works as a motivational speaker

Kevin Nash was born in 1959:

– Founding member of the NWO

– Ended Goldberg’s winning streak

– Joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015

Shelton Benjamin was born in 1975:

– Former WWE tag team, intercontinental and United States champion

– Has a bachelor’s degree in sports management.

– Been competing in Pro Wrestling Noah as of late

Happy Birthday Marc Mero, Kevin Nash and Shelton Benjamin!!!

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