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Wrestling Birthday – June 2

Today, June 3, sees three wrestling birthdays. Lex Luger turns 48 years old, Jamie Szantyr is 35 and AJ Styles hits 39.

Lex Luger was born in 1958:

– Only co-winner of the Royal Rumble

– Jumped ship from WWE to WCW in 1995

– Has medically improved since suffering temporary paralysis

Jamie Szantyr was born in 1981:

– Known as Velvet Sky

– Founding member of The Beautiful People

– Two-time TNA Knockouts Champion

AJ Styles was born in 1977:

– Has a tattoo of his kids names

– Two time TNA Grand Slam Champion

– Started working full-time for WWE in January 2016

Happy Birthday Lex Luger, Jamie Szantyr and AJ Styles!!!

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  • JFJ

    How can Luger be the only co-winner of the Royal Rumble? Co-winner by definition means there are at least 2, which there are. Bret “Hitman” Hart shared the Royal Rumble win with Luger in 1994. Oh, and today is June 2. The first line of the article says June 3.

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