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Wrestling Birthday – May 29

Today, May 29, sees four wrestling birthdays. Steve Corino turns 43 years old, Pete Gas is 46, Brian Kendrick becomes 37 and Hornswoggle hits 30.

Steve Corino was born in 1973:

– In ECW, known as “King of Old School”

– Now a color commentator for Ring of Honor

Pete Gas was born in 1970:

– Part of Mean Street Posse

– Returned on RAW’s 15th-anniversary episode

Brian Kendrick was born in 1979:

– Held WWE’s tag title and TNA’s x-division title

– Became an NXT trainer in 2015

Hornswoggle was born in 1986:

– Last WWE cruiserweight champion

– Original WWE names was Little Bastard

Happy Birthday Steve Corino, Pete Gas, Brian Kendrick and Hornswoggle!!!

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  • Lara_P1

    Nice to know i share a bday with a talented wrestler like The Brian Kendrick

    • Lemmy Is God

      But more importantly you share one with hornswoggle

      • Lara_P1


    • Joseph Lisnow

      happy birthday from WNZ!!!!!!!!!!!

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