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Wrestling Birthday – October 11

WWE Smackdown
Today, October 11, sees three wrestling birthdays. Rikishi turns 50 years old, Tazz is 48 and Tony Chimel hits 54.

Rikishi was born in 1965

– Father of The Usos

– Entered WWE Hall of Fame in 2015

Tazz was born in 1967:

– ECW Triple Crown Champion

– Former commentator for WWE SmackDown and TNA

Tony Chimel was born in 1961:

– Started with WWE in 1991

– Handles ring announcing duties

Happy Birthday Rikishi, Tazz and Tony Chimel!!!

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  • JFJ

    No mention of the fact that Rikishi is a 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion (once with Samu as the Headshrinkers when Rikishi was known as Fatu, once with Rico, and once with Scotty 2 Hotty) or that Rikishi is also a former Intercontinental Champion? Maybe mention the fact that Rikishi is nephew to two WWE Hall of Famers (The Wild Samoans, Afa and Sika), and cousin to a third (the late great Yokozuna), he is a brother to two former WWE stars (Tama aka Tonga Kid aka Samoan Savage and the late great Umaga aka Jamal aka Ekmo) and cousin to three former WWE stars (Rosey aka Kimo, Manu aka Afa Jr., and Samula aka Samu) and current WWE star Roman Reigns.

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