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WWE SmackDown (6/2) Results: AJ Styles Vs. Kofi Kingston

WWE Smackdown
Welcome to WrestleNewz’s results from the latest SmackDown. We are only weeks away from Money in the Bank (MITB).

Tag champions the New Day are out and get a few words before The Club interrupts. New Day wants to know how much to join and The Club is there to collect dues. AJ Styles is then out and mocks Kofi Kingston still laughing after 10 years with the company. He calls Kofi a joke. Kofi gives his accomplishments and mocks Styles for taking so long to join WWE. AJ issues a challenge for the main event and Kofi agrees.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Dana Brooke is with Charlotte. Becky with armdrags before Dana pulls her off the apron as a commercial hits. We are back with Becky hitting the exploder suplex. Charlotte turns an armbar into a powerbomb. Becky still gets the disarmor. Before Charlotte taps, Dana is in for a DQ.

Winner: Becky Lynch via DQ

The beating continues after the match until Natalya makes the save.

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