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WWE B Show Ratings, HHH Nominated for Award, WWE Hiring New Execs

– WWE is looking to hire a new Executive Vice President of International Business, a new Vice President of Marketing and a new Vice President of Social Media.

– Chris Jericho will be hosting Revolver Magazine’s Golden God Awards for the fourth straight year on Thursday, May 2nd from Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Triple H is nominated for “Most Metal Athlete” with UFC star Clay Guida, skateboarder Geoff Rowley, MLB player CJ Wilson, NFL star Tom Crabtree and race car driver Tanner Faust.

– Including DVR viewership, WWE Main Event is averaging a 1.1 rating with 1.76 million viewers so far this year. Saturday Morning Slam averages a 0.6 rating and 935,000 viewers.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • IamLisa

    0.6? That’s a very low rating for SMS. I wonder why kids like Y2J aren’t watching it. I guess they usually aren’t awake by the time the show goes on the air.

    • Y2J

      I just love how you thing I’m a kid. your probably some 11 year old girl without any friends, zero social life and at least one of your parents abandoned you because your just so immature. Also, you do realize that SMS comes on at like 11 am on Saturday, right? #Fail

      • CMmox

        hahahahhahah Way to go bro! Lisa I’ve heard Troll Hunter is looking for you, so…. WATCH OUT BIAAAATCH!

        • Rob


          • IamLisa

            Hahahaha, is that you, Rob?

        • IamLisa

          You suck, moron.

      • IamLisa

        Shut up, you little, pathetic child.

  • Maze Of Torment

    HHH as the most metal athlete? I don’t know the other guys, but I know Hunter likes Motorhead. Good qualification.

  • Izo

    umm HHH is pretty metal, maybe not as much now with short hair but metal is a good way to describe him