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WWE Championship Update Following Controversial RAW Ending

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As seen during the conclusion of RAW, there was controversy about who was WWE Champion. In the main event of RAW, the shoulders of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were both on the canvas as the referee counted three. RAW went off the air with Rollins taking possession of the WWE Championship, but the match was ruled a draw on the WWE Network.

The action continued on the WWE Network as Rollins attacked Ambrose, only for the tables to be turned. Ambrose hit dirty deeds and left with his gold.

WWE tweeted about the controversial ending.

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  • Bradley Patterson

    Should have just held a vacant title up for grabs at battleground

    • siddus

      That wouldn’t make sense. A draw is a draw. Ambrose didn’t lose, therefore he retains.

  • Zack

    A lot of word going around is that Ambrose and Rollins will get drafted to different shows and with both having claim to the title, this is their excuse to have 2 world champions.

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