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WWE Copies Idea From TNA, Second CM Punk DVD Planned, More

– WWE having a man narrating video packages on Raw was, in fact, copied from TNA Wrestling. According to F4WOnline.com, a WWE employee showed Vince McMahon a tape of Impact Wrestling featuring the concept and the company chief reportedly said, “WWE could do it better.”

Eric Bischoff, who produces Impact Wrestling, acknowledged the production rip-off last week on Twitter by posting the following fan message: “Saw #WWE using your backstage camera angles along with the voiceover in the opening video. #EricWins.”

– Following the rousing success of WWE’s first CM Punk DVD and Blu-ray release, CM Punk – Best in the World, the company has plans to release a second title in 2014.

РWWE has released the latest edition of WWE en Espanol on YouTube, with Jerry Soto and Marcelo Rodríguez.

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  • Jeff

    Oh C’mon,like TNA hasn’t copied allot of stuff from the WWE?

  • XdanielkingX

    Most of TNA is a rip off from 1998.

  • brandon

    TNA copies ideas from WWE all the time. For example = Abyss. A mick foley/Kane ripoff.

  • brandon

    That being said…I still watch TNA. I just think WWE is better.

  • Mick

    I was waiting for some publication to pick up on this. It’s funny really, as I figured it to be joking after Kurt went on Twitter an accused WWE of stealing from TNA. See the voice debuted the RAW after Kurt’s outrage. Coincidence?

    Ehh, whatever, two straight weeks has this voiceover and other video stuff led to a wrestling match after. If this is the regular, essentially no segment opening RAW, and instead a wrestling match, then go ahead.

    This really shows that Vince doesn’t see TNA as competition, because in competition, the idea is for both opponents to be different from each other. Bischoff would be the first to talk about that, as his goal to compete with WWE as WCW president was to be different from WWE, which they were, such as going live weekly in contrast to RAW taping, circa 1995.

  • DanSaint

    Nothing is original in wrestling anymore. Heck…even the most original stuff you can think of has been done…either in Memphis or Japan most likely. I happen to LOVE the idea of the voice over…because if you missed the show last week…you’re easily caught up on what’s going on. Plus it makes it seem like it’s a continuation of the show…like TV Shows when they say…”Previously On…..” yadda yadda yadda.

  • Adam

    There is nothing wrong borrowing good ideas from another company – only idiots wouldn’t learn from what other people do that works. People in wrestling don’t feel cheated when others copy them, they feel like trendsetters instead, knowing that other people think what they are doing is worth copying.

  • GN-0015

    Stop bitching TNA. If you’re so worried about innovating things you should trademark all those “camera angles” and “techniques” that you’ve been using.

  • http://thesmarksremarks.tumblr.com Jace “The Ace”

    copying the voiceover? I’m pretty sure WWE’s used voiceover in their video packages before. And a multi-camera setup isn’t unusual for video production, especially in a set location like a GM’s office or interview area. Stop being butthurt TNA and write better stories instead of crying over WWE. I didn’t hear WWE complain when you blatantly ripped off The Undertaker’s comeback as Sting’s Comeback.

    (more commentary at The Smarks Remarks)

  • Brody Lawrence

    As usual, the WWE apologists all come out of the woodwork to defend their “noble original” diety of copying ideas from TNA. Yet when TNA uses one of their ideas you roundly bash them for it. How does it look seeing the world through WWE rose-colored glasses?

    @brandon Abyss was using his look in the IWA ( a Puerto Rican wrestling company) before he joined TNA.

  • Y2J

    I personally don’t like it when either of them do it. I love both companies, but it makes it seem like a stupid soap opera. WWE’s guy sounds way better though as usual.

  • SdotC

    TNA talking about rip-offs? LOL! Think about this — Main Event Mafia. For a year, TNA was dominated by Nash, Sting, Angle, Steiner and Booker. What do those guys have in common? Other promotions made them superstars, and TNA cashed in on the hard work of those promotions in getting those guys over. Then the next major angle was Immortal, cashing in on Hogan and the nWo. I’d say 85% of TNA’s roster over the years were stars who were already established in the Big 3 from the 90s. Add 10% from RoH, and maybe 5% original. And it’s one thing to take someone who was underutilized like Matt Morgan, but it’s way different to take guys that WWE/WCW/ECW put time and money into getting over and making stars, and then cashing in on that.

    The only stars that TNA truly MADE were Abyss, James Storm and Bobby Roode. And think about this– Chris Park is the biggest Mick Foley ripoff on the planet. James Storm uses the superkick, and not just uses it, but uses it the way Michaels did (‘out of nowhere’, picking up ‘desperation wins’, etc). He also uses moves like the Razor’s Edge and Codebreaker…now it’s one thing to borrow one or two moves, but when your whole moveset is stolen, you suck. And he uses a corny catchphrase, and drinks beer in the ring. The only worse thief I can think of in wrestling is the Miz. So, of the 3 stars TNA has made, 2 aren’t even original acts.

    Between angles and talent, TNA has stolen more than any promotion in history, and relied heavily on nostalgia and the hard work of more famous promotions in a sad attempt to get their company over. Even if WWE stole the AJ storyline and this voice-over idea, TNA has absolutely no room to talk when they have a lockerroom full of guys that the WWE fired, or that the WWE made famous and then took their established names to TNA, and have rehashed so many WWE/WCW angles.

    And I’m not being a WWE mark– I admitted they stole from TNA and I admitted that Miz is even worse than Storm and Abyss after dissing both of those guys very hard. I just don’t know how you TNA fans can honestly say that you don’t agree with the things I’ve said above, because when I call TNA out on this shit, the fans get up in arms and say I’m full of it. Like, how can you deny that Abyss is a Mick Foley ripoff? The Abyss character itself is just like Mankind even down to the mask, and add some of Kane’s moves and you have the entire Abyss character minus the black hole slam. And now for him to be acting as his “brother” representing an alter-ego of the same person is even further ripping Foley off. Yet TNA fans will deny this to their death. You guys need to get a fucking clue

  • SdotC

    Just re-read my post and I just wanted to add that when I gave TNA credit for Matt Morgan, I wasn’t trying to say he’s the only guy like that. They also took a terribly misused Ron Killings and then made him such a big star that WWE wanted him back. Hopefully they can do the same with Gallows. And idr if the Machine Guns were in RoH but they certainly made their name in TNA, whereas someone like Samoa Joe was just as big in RoH as he is in TNA. It’s not like they’ve never pushed original talent, so it was wrong for me to say there was only 3, but when you compare the number of those guys to the likes of Hogan, Sting, Nash, Hall, Waltman, Hardy, Angle, Booker, Steiner, Christian, The Outlaws, Dudleys, Joe, Styles, Daniels, Aries, Konnan, Bischoff, Russo, Prichard, Taz, Snow, Foley, etc… the numbers are just too big to deny the point I’m making. And I’d like to note that when I said that Abyss and Storm are ripoffs, they’re the only two I can think of, and WWE has had their fair share of thieves as well.

    But I do think TNA fans give their woman’s division too much credit. First of all, the people who built that division were Mickie, Victoria and Gail Kim, who all came from WWE. And btw, the fact that they turned Victoria, who was a killer in WWE, into “Tara” hopping around with that Jesse fruitcake is embarrassing. They definitely deserve credit for Awesome Kong, ODB (despite my personal distaste for her), Velvet Sky and a few others, but at the same time, the thing that really makes their division better is just that they feature them more predominantly. As of last year, WWE had Melina, Beth Phoenix, Nattie freakin Neidhart, AJ Lee and other talented women’s wrestlers. If WWE paid as much attention to them as TNA, they’d have had the better women’s division. Also, as of right now, WWE’s tag division craps all over TNA’s.

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