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WWE-Cruiserweights Update, Bryan Blamed for SummerSlam?, More

– While he isn’t being used on WWE TV right now, Ricardo Rodriguez is headed to the UK for next week’s tapings. Vickie Guerrero isn’t working this weekend’s live events but is flying into the UK for next week’s TV tapings.

– WWE still has plans to use some of their smaller wrestlers on a cruiserweight type show when the WWE Network launches.

– While Daniel Bryan isn’t being fully blamed for the low WWE SummerSlam buyrate this year, there is a feeling within WWE, among upper management, that if he was a bigger guy then it would have been up.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • Chelsii?

    What rubbish, anybody remember the SummerSlam 2011 buyrate?

    • KingBack

      I think it’s funny how the good SummerSlam’s (like 2011 and 2013) gets bad buyrates while a bad SummerSlam (like 2012) gets a good buyrate.

  • Devon

    Maybe they should blame the shitty buildup and the fuckin shitty pg trash they shell out

    • JH

      The build to Cena/Bryan was awesome though, the problem was besides punk and Lesnar and the Wyatt’s and Kane the entire rest of the show was thrown together crap.

  • Joseph Douglas

    It has nothing to do with Daniel Bryan. It probably has more to do with the fact that his opponent was Cena and everybody fully expected Cena to retain, yet again. They will do anything to avoid putting the blame where it should be: bad booking and Cena.

    • Maddox

      Uhm.. Many people expected Cena to lose and leave due to injury, how it this Cena?

  • Sieg

    Lol I really don’t get this mentality, they blame his size rather than the overall stories they tell on a week to week basis which is what they should use to get people excited about their ppv’s. Also they need to realise that with things the way they are economically people are far more cautious about paying $50 for a ppv which may not even live up to expectations. They’ll be even more cautious if they’ve spent that money in the past and been disappointed.

    • JH

      It’s 60, plus taxes and cable company charges mine gets pushed up to nearly 80 dollars.

  • HDZ

    So they think having two huge guys would bring more buyrates? Really WWE? It all comes down on storyline wise and build ups. They shouldn’t blame any wrestler at all. With this, I doubt Bryan vs Punk at WM could happen, but anything is possible.

  • Trey Doss

    don’t wwe realize you gotta lose to win

  • ShowOff76

    I don’t think it’s a bigger guy in size, it’s a bigger guy in term of place in the company but if someone is to blame for the low buyrate it’s the WWE itself because of the way they built the PPV and because the price of the PPV was higher than last year.

  • Mario Peralta

    If anything, he isn’t the blame. You would think the people the fans cheer for would be the reasons why the buyrates aren’t worse. My guess is the Randy Orton cash-in and the Triple H swerve are why they are low

  • showoff

    ok so put big show n shaq in a match according to wwe logic theyd get so many buys

  • Padres4life

    Bryan will make a good IC champion going further.. oh well, he had a good run… I bought his merchandise and every PPV he headlined, so I did my part….I’ll miss him in the main event. YES!

  • Rotnerd

    This is all full retard. If this is true, WWE head honchos are really stupid. Their Logic…I can’t. I can’t.

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