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WWE Doing CM Punk Wrong?, Backstage News on His Importance and More

– With John Cena and Randy Orton being gone from last weekend’s WWE live events, CM Punk’s importance to the company was a hot topic backstage. The feeling right now is that only two guys really draw big for the company – John Cena and CM Punk.

There’s also a feeling that they need to get Punk to where he doesn’t end up beat up and worn out like Cena and so many other top talents are. People this weekend were saying that Punk was looking sick or worn down.

Punk is being compared to Bret Hart’s early days with WWE in the sense that he’s the company workhorse but doesn’t get the nod of approval that a John Cena or Hulk Hogan would get.

Source: PWInsider

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  • havok

    i do agree with the comparison to bret back in the day…a good way to not let him get worn out, is not make him wrestle on both shows…the brand split was a good idea…..the superstars did their specific show, couple house shows then got to rest for a couple days….now everyone is on raw and smackdown, plus supestars and now the main event, plus the house shows…when do they get to rest

  • Joseph

    No shit. Most people like myself have been paying to see CM Punk but Cena gets the credit for selling tickets. I never understood the WWE. They admit that Cena and Punk are the 2 best for drawing an audience, yet they take the only one of the 2 that can wrestle and have a great match with anybody and make him the heel/coward. Why not have the face be the guy that can go with anybody?
    I still like Punk, just hate the fact that they make him act the way he does now. Especially since everything he says is true. He has earned my respect more than Cena has.

  • Adam

    Punk is a heel right now because he is one of the best heels in the biz, he is also one of the best faces as well.

  • JamesBooth

    His face turn had grown stale anyway, just rewatch the beginning and the end of his turn its totally different. This heel turn is a good thing, punk needs airtime, punk needs microphones and mainevents and he’s getting it as a heel since there is no Johncena like wrestler that can go heel. Plain and simple.

  • Marcus

    Punk’s face run only went stale because creative ran out of things to do with him. The AJ/Kane/Bryan angle was great but before that they didn’t really have anything really meaty for Punk to work with. Punk works best as a face when he has edgy material to work with which is something that the current landscape of the WWE isn’t allowing much with faces so that’s why him being a heel was his best bet.

  • Well stop making so many live shows and let them take breaks.

  • GN-0015

    Punk’s run as a face got stale because he didn’t get worthy opponents who can have good matches or promo with him. OK, there was Daniel Bryan for… 2 matches or something but it was barely a feud.

    He has to be built as a top guy and when he got stale as a face, they made him into a typical coward heel where he could have been an edgy tweener.

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