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WWE End Negotiations With Jericho, Lawler Return Update

– WWE officials had been negotiating with Chris Jericho on a new contract in recent weeks, but talks fell through. WWE opted to cease talks with the wrestler/musician in recent days.

It is believed that the proposed deal fell through due to control over when he worked as well as his activities outside of WWE. Officials were seeking an arrangement where the company would be his top priority and they would have some control over his outside endeavors. Jericho, on the other hand, wanted complete control of all of his activities.

Jericho was open to returning as early as this month had WWE agreed to his terms. He was looking to work forty to fifty dates per year, including full-time for cycles and even assisting the developmental program. However, he would determine the periods when he worked and would be strictly unavailable during tours, which WWE was not in favor of.

– Three weeks after suffering a heart attack while announcing at a WWE event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jerry “The King” Lawler stated in interviews in recent days that he is looking to return to the road as early as next month. Within WWE, however, there is no timetable on his return to the announce desk. It is said that company officials will be very cautious on bringing him back.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  • Sean

    Even though y2j would probably never be WWE or world champ again WWE should still give him what he wants, he always puts over young talent and comes back when they need him. He’s still a top performer and he loves the business unlike most guys.

  • jayman

    Y2j>RYBOTCH and Botch Cara

  • Real Kosher

    stupid move on WWE’s part

    stupid and pointless comment on jaymans part

  • rob

    Vince needs to get with the times…

  • Alejandro

    WWE and TNA are stupid when it comes to negotiating contracts with their wrestlers.

  • Noway

    Who cares. I knw i dnt. Good riddancd

  • With guys experiencing main event/ big match exposure for the first time.. Bringing back jericho.. Especially now..only helps the young or unpolished talent to work future lead programs.. He can elevate them in both the ring and on the mic. The new talent is working with new talent..instead of learning from veterans to elevate their own careers. The rock will elevate ratings.. But people forget cena orton and other post attitude era stars got their elite status from working and learning from angle triple h taker.. Etc.

  • Chelsii.

    What’s up with WWE wanting to control people who are NOT employed with them?

  • Brandi in FL

    For once I agree with Chelsii. I don’t understand how the WWE can justify trying to control what WWE stars do in their own time. As long as they show up on time ready to perform, whether they do on their own time us their own business. I wonder how much control other entertainment shows have over their talents’ personal lives.

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