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WWE Examines The State Of The Divas Division, Ryder’s Latest, Goldberg

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– The official WWE website has published an wwe.com/superstars/divas/all-divas/state-of-the-divas-division-26066933" target="new">article examining the state of the Divas division following multiple talent departures over the past year.

“Some of the WWE Universe might say the Divas division has been diminished, having lost a whole half-dozen of its best and brightest over the past twelve months. And it’s true: at least in terms of depth, fate carved quite the swath through WWE’s women’s division in 2012, but the depletion has also initiated a new era of opportunity for the remaining Divas. In one turn around the sun, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Maxine, Kharma and The Bella Twins have all left WWE, with no small amount of shock,” author Anthony Benigno writes.

“At first glance, that’s a sudden, dark cloud hanging over one of WWE’s most time-honored divisions. But the whole process has turned out to be something along the lines of an evolution for the Divas. True, the abrupt change in the Divas’ landscape has been jarring for the WWE Universe. But the transformation seems to us a breath of fresh air, a chance at a fresh start, and an opportunity to redefine the very definition of a WWE Diva.”

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on WWE.com.

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