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WWE Finally Agrees on Major Tape Deal, Jim Ross Comments

– After recent reports suggested the deal might not go through because of problems with the contract WWE kept passing to the Watts family, The Miami Herald reports that WWE and the Watts family has agreed on a deal for WWE to purchase around 1,200 hours of Mid-South Wrestling footage. We’ve reported that plans will be to use the footage on the WWE Network and in DVD releases for some of the Mid-South stars.

Jim Ross told The Miami Herald:

“If fans are able to somewhere down the road buy volumes where they can see X number of weeks of television or by the year where there’s X number of episodes on a multi-disc set, they’re going to see how it was like reading an action adventure book. One chapter led to the next chapter led to the next with a crescendo and then a payoff, and then the book continues.”

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  • Y2J

    I like Jim Ross as a person, he seems really nice. But, I just don’t like him as a character. I don’t know why but I’ve never liked his character.

  • Muscleman

    @Y2J, how in the blue hell can you not like Jim Ross? He is one of the most beloved personalities in professional wrestling. JR is actually one of the few people that will never, ever get booed by fans – even if he turned heel. He is an amazing human being – as you have pointed out – but an even better commentator. The greatest of all time, in my opinion.

  • Cee Jaih

    JR is the best

  • 2caras


  • Z…..

    anyone else notice the shot he took at wwe creative? lol. the best part is that hes absolutely right

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