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WWE Going Back to Nixed Angle?, Rep for New WWE Creative Head, Miz Birthday Cake

– Maryse and The Miz were out with friends celebrating his 32nd birthday last night. He was presented with this one-of-a-kind cake:

the miz birthday cake

– We’ve noted that Eric Pankowski is now pretty much running WWE creative. Pankowski is a Triple H hire and has impressed the McMahon family since being hired in February. Pankowski has a reputation of being all business and that he’s looking at WWE’s shows for what’s going to be the best for the business.

– After dropping the idea a week ago, WWE may be bringing back the storyline where AJ Lee and Booker T are replaced by a to-be-named General Manager that will be appointed by Vince McMahon. We should know if they’re going to go ahead with it after next week’s tapings.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Muscleman

    Bringing back the Booker T and AJ storyline would be a good idea as the angle was dropped before it even got going. I like AJ but I wouldn’t mind her being dropped as GM. She has already made her name as a character and is widely considered one of the major break out stars of 2012. Now I wanna see her do what she is in WWE for – wrestle and save the stagnant Divas division.

  • M3nos95

    You want to see her wrestle. I want to see her naked. Big difference. Thumbs down if your gay.

  • M3nos95


  • Fritz

    There’s not even any time anymore between the GM appointment and their removal storyline. Love Miz but grown men who have birthday parties are douchbags.

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    Booker T for GM of both shows, he is doing a good job and it makes sense as a veteran and multiple-time world champ that he would command respect. AJ on the other hand – why the hell would Kane (for example) do anything she said? She is a tiny little early 20-s woman with next to no time spent in the ring…

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