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WWE Has Video Removed Of Ryback Botching “Shell Shocked” On Paul Heyman At Live Event

A fan-shot video of Ryback botching his finishing maneuver, “Shell Shocked,” on Paul Heyman at Sunday’s Raw live event in Hartford, Conn., has been removed from YouTube.com due to a third-party notification by WWE claiming copyright infringement.

Though filming is prohibited at WWE live events, the sports-entertainment organization rarely has footage shot at shows removed from video-sharing websites. However, this video gained viral attention after it drew the ire of similarly-styled wrestler, Bill Goldberg, on Twitter.

As the video showed, Ryback was unable to lift Heyman for “Shell Shocked,” even as the weighty manager tried his best to assist his leverage. The muscle-bound wrestler then improvised by performing a maneuver resembling Goldberg’s world-famous “Jackhammer.”

Goldberg, who said last week that comparisons between the two don’t bother him, tweeted in response to a fan pointing him to the video, “NOW comparisons offend me.”

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion then re-tweeted a message ridiculing the burgeoning star: “Ryback is to @Goldberg as the Renegade was to @UltimateWarrior. It’s silly.”

Sunday’s event was not Ryback’s first bungling of his signature move as he was also unable to hoist Tensai not once, but twice on Raw three weeks ago. However, it was heavily speculated online that Tensai intentionally undermined Ryback by not cooperating with his attempted throws.

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  • James

    I have noticed Ryback can pick up people over a certain weight. He will be around a few years like all big guys. This is his big push then will be thrown to Superstars

  • LancePower

    Get it togeather Ryback! If you can’t lift people 100% WWE will drop you in a heartbeat and add Mr. Same Old shit .

  • YM5

    he shellshocked tensai on smackdown, I guess nobody watches smackdown anymore

  • Joseph

    Ryback sucks. Has nothing to do with whether he is strong enough or not. He just sucks. Boring as hell. I wish him and Cena would run off together and stay away from the wrestling business.

  • Typical WWE.

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    @ Joseph – blame Vince / WWE for ruining Cena, watch his debut match against Kurt Angle on Smackdown, he was really good, then WWE ruined it.

    You could argue that Angle can work with anyone, same was said about CM Punk “their matches are only good cos CM Punk carries them’ but both of them have had some horrible matches because they had to carry the other guy – Cena isn’t one of those.

    I am not a Cena fan, he gets way TOO hard a push sometimes (…or usually..), but cut the guy some slack. What he does do is love the WWE and tries his best – NO ONE does more in terms of working every hosue show / TV Taping / promo work / fan stuff – sure his in ring style is limited and he has been pushed like he was Vince’s son (in-law, Trips..) but he works damn hard. And haven’t seen him swanning off to Holywood and leaving wrestling behind the first chance he got!

  • Erwin

    ^nah Cena ALWAYS suck even during his Thuganomic gimmick. Every time he always cut some big promo only to be dominated by his opponent or delivering some sub par wrestling match. I remember how he mocked Big Show before WM 20 only to have the most boring match on that PPV, getting dominated in 90% of the match before pulling FU out of nowhere. It was the same again on WM 21 with JBL. Even Shawn Michaels who supposedly can make any person look good had I think the 2nd most boring match with Cena in WM 23 after Kane vs Khali. Don’t even get me started on all his matches with Triple H, Edge, and The Miz. Not one of them can elevate Cena’s level. Dude talk big but he has near zero wrestling and entertainment value for sane-thinking adults.

  • Striker9

    Ryback SUCKS! There goes WWE force feeding the fans with something they don’t like. Get ready for them to start editing crowd reactions in the near future.

  • Striker9

    YM5, I guess you didnt see him have a hard time trying to pick him upbefore ending the match with a clothesline……

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