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WWE Heel Getting Re-packaged?, Kelly Kelly Neck Injury, Batista Teases Sequel

– The Man With The Iron Fists starring former WWE star Batista was estimated to open at #3 on Friday and finish the weekend at #4. Official numbers should be available later this morning. The movie was being estimated to draw $3 million on Friday with a projected weekend total of $8.5 million.

Batista thanked fans via Twitter and teased a sequel:

“Thanks for all the love and support for #IronFists keep on supporting thru the weekend so we can start the sequel! #BrassBody”

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly went in for a MRI on her neck yesterday. She tweeted:

“Getting MRI on my neck #damnyoustinkfaces”

– There has been talk about re-packaging David Otunga.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Lisa

    David Otunga is as talentless as any wrestler I have ever seen. They should just fire his ass.

  • Chelsii.

    There is only one package on Otunga that this girl is interested in.

  • Rybork Laserback

    how about they re-package Del Rio. His gimmick is boring as hell, even Ricardo doesn’t make up for how boring Del Rio is.

  • Cornbread

    #damnyousinkfaces for neck injury? More like #damnyoufelacio

  • Craze

    You are all wrestling critics to say he sucks… I would love to hear you wrestling career.

  • Christian

    how are u gonna re-package otunga when he has no talent at all
    the only talent he has is celebrity affilation

  • Real Kosher

    put otunga in a team…I’d much with see titus and otunga be a team together without the millions of dallars crap….o’neil and otunga managed by alicia fox…both are college grads and go grow off that

  • david otunga

    hey why are you guys hating on me?

  • Jay

    All the people who just crap on David Otunga, obviously can’t tell he has been working hard at getting better all year. Like before, it was hard to watch one of his matches, but he has been better at taking punches.

    Plus it is fumny to me that people don’t realize that what you do in the ring is only like a third of what it takes to make it. He is smooth on the mic and has the look.

  • Heisenberg

    Is Otunga a HHH guy? Wwe is wasting time and effort with this guy.

  • Otunga as a face would suck. repackage him as a more monster tpe heel. not full monster like tensai or khalis debut, but inbetween. more aggressive and powerful, and have him win more matches. then, in a few months let him beat kingston for the IC title

  • Fuck Off

    They can repackage Otunga all they want. He’s never going to be over with the crowd.

  • brandon

    Give Otunga a new song. His current theme is cheesy and sounds like it belongs in the 80s.

    I know he may not be a great wrestler, but dammit he’s trying.

  • Joseph

    Out of all the people they could be using better they are worried about Otunga? Shows how delusional the WWE is these days. He better hope Jennfier Hudson does not leave him becaus ehe only has a career because of her.

  • Fritz

    Keep up the good work Kosher, wwe may have a job for you if you keep coming up with brilliant ideas like putting all the black people on one team. What’s next, putting all the mexicans together? ah shit no they already did that.

  • John

    Ah hell, re-packaging him as what? This tool will always be Mr. Jennifer Hudson who has a body-builders’ body because he lives off her money and the fact that he has lots of time on his hands because no one else wants to see him.

    Kelly Kelly was probably a better wrestler than him. She’ll never be considered an elite Diva like Trish, Mickie, Beth, Lita, Chyna, or Victoria but she tried and put in more effort than I’ve ever seen Otunga do. Hope she isn’t too badly hurt.

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