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WWE Hiring More Soap Opera Writers, Payback PPV Pre-sale News

- WWE is holding a ticket pre-sale this week for the new Payback pay-per-view. The event takes place on Sunday, June 16th from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The online pre-sale began Thursday morning with the password PUNKPPV. Tickets will be on sale for $500, $300, $90, $70, $50 and $25 and go on sale to the general public this Saturday.

– As noted, the new WWE head writer is former soap opera writer David Kreizman. WWE is looking to hire more former soap opera writers, according to PWInsider.com.

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, who writes most of The Rock’s material, has also been stepping up on the creative side. There is still no real push for Paul Heyman to join the creative team, although he does work with various wrestlers who seek his advice.

  • Rob

    For the love of God Heyman save us!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaydn.lebsanft Jaydn Lebsanft

    put heyman as head writter and let hhh take over outside of the storyline these two guys would know how to run wwe when paul was a head booker there was the top 6 and you could tell who was in charge

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.davies.391 Scott Davies

    f’ing soap opera writers? I swear if Undertaker starts singing i quit watching Wrestling for good.

    • FacePuncher

      I like the comment Scott but I think you might be getting soap operas confused with regular operas

  • IamLisa

    F u c k the soap opera writers.

    • Rob

      Soap opera writers > you

      • Nick

        Rob….seriously, she finally made a comment we all could agree with. Why are you teasing her? She did nothing wrong on this section lol.

        • Rob

          Because its the troll Lisa.

  • FacePuncher

    Do you know what this reminds me of? Even if you don’t like South Park, go watch the episode called WTF and see where WWE is heading

  • CMmox

    HHH as chairman and Paul Heyman as head writer? H3LL YES!

  • UMpunkBLN


  • Flippy

    Great. Soap Operas with people who can’t act. Disaster waiting to happen.

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