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WWE Interested in Bill Goldberg Again

WWE is interested in trying to book former WCW and WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg to face Ryback for next year’s WrestleMania XXX pay-per-view event in New Orleans.

Over the past few years, Goldberg has sent mixed signals to fans, stating that he didn’t want to return to WWE, but recently he’s been re-thinking those statements. Goldberg’s son, who is now old enough to watch some of his matches, is one of the factors behind a return.

WWE has been featuring Golberg prominently, with a spot in the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game, and a 3-disc DVD collection on his career set to be released soon.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Jakerams

    As long as Goldberg wins I would like it.

    • tt2000

      What purpose would that serve? He should come back to lose, whoever his opponent might be.

      • Jakerams

        Not to Ryback.

  • JH

    They probably want him so when 80,000 people chant ‘Goldberg’ they can pretend they’re not mocking Ryback.

  • LayTunchi

    Long As They Turn Ryback Face For It. Im Good

  • Lucas Amato

    If Goldberg returns.. do it against HHH in the Vince vs HHH storyline that is saying that would happen.. Not against Ryback..And Please, no Rock in this WM …

  • Me

    Right, because his last Mania was such a great match.

  • james clinton

    Would be cool. I think it was DMT who suggested the angle that sounded kickbutt, ryback keeps bullying jobbers, works up to midcarders, winning every time and being a douche. Then he picks a fight with goldberg and gets his head handed to him.

  • UMpunkBLN

    Biggest markout of my life if Goldberg returns

  • Devon

    My dream mania matches this year. Punk vs Austin, Taker vs Sting, Rock vs Brock, HHH vs Vince & GOLDBERG VS RYBITCH!!!!

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