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WWE Interested In Top International Wrestler

– WWE officials are reportedly very interested in bringing current New Japan Pro Wrestling star Prince Devitt, who may or may not be contracted to the promotion.

The story goes that Adrian Neville (the former Pac) was signed by WWE because William Regal brought a tape of Neville vs. Devitt to Triple H. This led to WWE going right after Pac.

The interest in Devitt continues. His name keeps coming up within WWE in regards to names who they would like to reach out to.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Chelsii?

    Devitt is still wrestling in NJPW, he was in the G1 climax. So I don’t think his contract is up for grabs for some time.

  • peter

    He loves it in japan and he’s in the middle of a big push but than again
    he’s 32 years old and he could have a run in wwe make money and than later return to wwe.

  • stevewiser

    The Real RockNRolla aka the best wrestler in the world.
    Hard to call this one because from what I’ve read it looks like NJPW has big plans for Devitt in the heavyweight division and he’s still their junior heavyweight champ. WWE would be stupid not to pick him up if available.

  • jcice13

    how long until neville gets to the big show?

    • Maddox

      He is not yet ready

      • jcice13

        he’s wrestled since 2004 all over the world and has been with the WWE for over a year now, he’s ready, he’s an awesome performer, and I can only think that they have nothing for him right now in the big time, and if the only thing that might be holding him back is they might think he needs more mic skills? then they can easily get around that by making him a heyman guy

        • Maddox

          Exactly why I said he is not yet ready also you want him to take Evan Bournes and stuck in the same spot. You guys need to have patient with your favourites

          • jcice13

            I disagree that’s all, what else does he have to do that he can’t do already and no I don’t want him to take evan bourne’s spot I want him up there with bryan and punk and dolph et al where he should be, the only thing the WWE has to do is package him, the fans will pop, so maybe it’s that the WWE who isn’t ready for him?? possible??

  • tt2000

    what WWE needs to do is hire Captain New Japan

  • [B]ANExx

    WWE really needs to fire Laurinates (or whatever his name was – he isn’t worth my time to Google it…) and have Regal as the full-time, permanent ‘new’ JR – when JR was doing that job their break-through stars were awesome, as was talent acquisition. Regal just ‘gets’ the business, every single guy he has ever talked up has turned out to be GREAT!!

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