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WWE Issues Cryptic Twitter Message Pointing To The Return Of The Undertaker

WWE is teasing the return of The Undertaker via social media outlet Twitter. This afternoon, the sports-entertainment organization released another cryptic “#RestinPieces” message referencing his debut appearance at the 1990 Survivor Series.

The digits 11.22.90 point to November 22, 1990, which marked as The Undertaker’s debut.

Additionally, WWE issued the following “#RestinPieces” message on Thursday.

This message was issued on Wednesday.

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  • YM5

    Sting jumping ship to face Undertaker, I told you guys Hogan and Vince had a sit down, NOBODY LISTENED!!! no but that did happen, I highly doubt this was the result but I’m very aware I would sh!t a biscuit

    • jcice13

      when did hogan and vince supposedly have this sit down? did they have permission from TNA to have it? cause I would find it difficult to believe it happened since vince doesn’t want some tampering charge put on him for meeting with a contracted employee from another company

      • YM5

        well they have done business with each other since that lawsuit, which makes it all the more retarded, but that was this past spring/late winter if I’m not mistaken.

    • Guest

      I really want to see Taker vs Sting before they retire. Dream Match of the 90’s

  • Alpha_Omega

    As long as a match at Survivor Series (if he was to wrestle) doesn’t affect a match at Wrestlemania, bring it on!

  • KingBack

    But which storyline will he come back for?

    Will he save Kane from the Wyatt Family at Hell in a Cell to set up a 2-3 handicap match at Survivor Series or will he be involved in the corporation storyline?

    • cubfan4life

      Perhaps as the 3rd member joining the Rhodes family against the Shield?

  • Mohamed Abdo

    Yeah .. that’s it. That’s what WWE needs now . He must return and save the WWE right now . It’s going down guys . There are only two feuds ( Punk-Ryback & Orton-Bryan ) WTF ?! . Kane must return. Bray Wyatt must have a big role and appear regularly on RAW not just a creepy promo and thanks. Come on WWE .

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