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Read WWE’s Statement On Their No Blood Policy

wwe hell in a cell
As seen at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV, both Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker were bleeding during the main event of the show. Lesnar and Taker did not blade but rather were busted open the hard way. Lesnar ran into the ring post (the same spot he did at WrestleMania 31), and Taker was busted open after Lesnar took his glove off and punched him in the head.

There were rumors online that they bladed, which is NOT true at all. WWE issued this statement the night after WrestleMania 31 about Brock Lesnar bleeding in his match with Roman Reigns. 

“WWE programming is TV-PG and we don’t permit intentional bleeding. The communication or contact between our performers and referees is part of our safety protocol. That said, unintentional blood sometimes occurs, and we do our best to minimize.”

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  • Kyle

    Would not be suprised if they did blade though, what would the WWE do if they did? Fire them? HA, good luck with that

    • Fat Owens Fat

      Actually they fine them a big chunk out of the bonus

    • Bite Me You Loser

      They fined Taker and Triple H when they did chair shots to the head at Wrestlemania a few years ago

      • Damian Starr

        A measly fine or a match that’ll go down in history?? hmm I think I know what I would choose

        • Bite Me You Loser

          Taker can afford any fines he wants. Vince knows his options are limited with Taker

  • It Begins kid

    Dammit I miss The Attitude & Ruthless Aggression eras.

  • It Begins kid

    PG can kiss my little @$$

  • Doc

    That’s bullshit, I watched them both blade.

    • Fred Rogers

      No you didn’t.

      • Doc

        It’s not nice to disagree with a fellow Yinzer, Fred.

        • Fred Rogers

          Then we can work it out over a sandwich at Primanti’s. ?

  • Izo

    They bladed, enough said. Vince was not upset about it, doctors came out due to the amount of blood in Brock’s face.


    I did read a rumor earlier in the day, that Vince was pissed off for the fact, that they were bleeding , pretty stupid, you put two of the biggest brawlers in a cage, what do you think will happen…

  • JMD

    i think the q is, is vince pissed because they bled (if you assume they bladed, in spite of denials). Or is he pissed because he wasn’t aware they were going to.

    i didn’t catch a blatant blade, but i also wasn’t looking for it, and based on the size of the gash on Lesnar’s head needing something like 9 staples to close? That would be a pretty bad blade job.

    • Izo

      It makes zero sense for Vince to be pissed over it, how many of Brock’s recent matches have involved him or his opponent getting opened up? If it was an issue it wouldn’t have even happened this fight. Therefore its not an issue, I’m sure this is a case of someone saying something to someone else and so on until it actually leaks and is taken completely out of context.

  • blove112

    Bottom line is that it was blatant blade job. I said it last night right as he put his hand to his head. Hard way my ass. Dave alvarez is a joke. Ravens is just repeating what he read. U can clearly see Lesnar forcefully rubbing the top of his head just prior to seeing blood. U can also see that he shoved the camera guy out the way so he didn’t get the shot. If u seriously think that Vince was pissed because it’s a pg program then u need to watch something else because ur just being trolled. Remember it’s pg next time u hear a curse word during a promo. Or sexual reference towards who the Bella’s are boning. What a joke.

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