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WWE Leaks General Manager Of SmackDown Live?

As seen on RAW this week, Vince McMahon named Stephanie McMahon the commissioner of RAW and Shane McMahon the commissioner of SmackDown. Both Stephanie and Shane would have to pick a GM for their brands, and the GM’s would be revealed next week on RAW.

It appears that WWE’s app might have spoiled who will be the GM of SmackDown. WWE app’s recap of the RAW and SmackDown commissioner announcement included a paragraph header that reads “The Yes! Movement takes over Smackdown Live.”

Daniel Bryan has been rumored as a possible GM of SmackDown for some time now. It should be noted that WWE removed the paragraph header on Monday night.

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  • DevilBorn

    I like Daniel Bryan as a wrestler. He proved you don’t have to look like a hulk hogan or hhh to be a heavyweight champion but I wouldn’t really like the concept of him being a GM. I just don’t see it but it might just be me. “Face Commissioner ” and “Face GM”, on smackdown, so I guess a “Heal Commish” and “Heal GM” on raw.

  • Voice of Truth and Reason

    Didn’t anyone else get the “hint” Stephanie laid down about HHH being the Raw GM last night after Shane said “Game on”…..way obvious to me.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i don’t see HHH returning to TV only to work under Stephanie.

      • Mike

        I agree, hhh will return alongside Steph and she wil hire a heel gm to work under them. So Shane and Steph can miss the shows here and there. If it is Bryan I like that. Maybe raw could get bischoff?

  • The Shockmaster

    I also like Bryan as a wrestler. Unfortunately he has the charisma of a wet blanket.

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