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WWE Legends Working CM Punk Angle, Match Nixed from RAW and More

WWE.com caught up with legends “Cowboy” Bill Watts and Danny Hodge after paying appreciation to Jim Ross at last night’s RAW. Watts called JR one of the top talents in the business. Watts also put over Hodge and how strong his grip still is these days.

– Justin Gabriel revealed on Twitter that he was scheduled to wrestle on last night’s RAW but the match was nixed right before it began. He tweeted:

“30 seconds before I was supposed to step through the curtain my match got cut. Got to love live TV! Anything can happen!”

– Expect more WWE Legends to appear on RAW to encourage WWE Champion CM Punk to face John Cena at Hell In a Cell. The idea is that the Legends will convince Punk to face Cena so he can earn the title of “Best In the World.” Jim Ross played the role on last night’s RAW after recent appearances by Bret Hart and Mick Foley.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Joseph

    The legends are going to get Punk to face Cena? I am only okay with this if Punk wins. This is supposed to settle who is the best in the world? Never mind that Punk beat Cena twice last year, but Cena is nowhere near the best.

  • David

    Gonna be jacked if they use the long build-up talking down at Punk and then have him lose to Cena.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    It might have been the plan to put the championship on Cena for the umpteenth time. Now, though, after this injury, I’m not sure it’d make sense. Maybe Cena wins, but Punk hurts him in storyline and the title gets vacated. Personally, I’d like to see Punk reach a full year with the title and then maybe drop it at the Rumble. (That is more than two months from now, right? I’m hoping my math’s not off…)

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    im going to take a wild guess here but im pretty confident that this shit is being stirred up for Cena to win as a “comeback” kid. And maybe Dwayne will battle Cena for the title at next years WM and lose to Cena to settle the odds. Question is where does that put Punk? Could it be a Thriple threat at WM? I do see a possibility because that is the only way WWE can book Dwayne vs Cena again since it does not dwarf the “Once in a lifetime” stipulation they had last year.. with Cena eventually getting the pinfall over the Rock!

  • Fritz

    no more unnecessary title changes!

  • GN-0015

    I don’t really care who are they going to call to confront Punk, but I’d be delighted to see Ron Simmons say “damn” to Punk’s face, got to be funny.

  • Never mind that Punk beat Cena twice last year….Really?
    when Cena cash in his MITB he would’ve won but Show interfered….at NOC that was Cena’s victory and you know it….

  • FacePuncher

    Awww how cute. Pokemon still thinks it’s real

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    hey Pokemon arent you supposed to be playing “Pikachu i choose you” shit today?

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