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WWE Looking for Another “Ethnic Hero”, Celeb at NXT Event, Mysterio’s Status

– Actor Kris Kristofferson was backstage at last night’s WWE NXT live event. His son is NXT star Garrett Dylan. Here he is with Sasha Banks:

Kristofferson and Sasha Banks

– While Rey Mysterio was pulled from the upcoming SmackDown overseas tour, he is scheduled to start working live events again in a few weeks.

– WWE has been negotiating with Olympic wrestler Jaime Espinal, who won a silver medal at 185 pounds in 2012. Espinal was one of only two Olympic medalists in any sport from Puerto Rico. Recruiting Espinal is part of WWE’s movement to try and create ethnic and national heroes going forward. Espinal has interest in both WWE and MMA.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • http://twitter.com/bpkosher Bradley Patterson

    well being an olympic level wrestling now he really only has two choices…thanks to the IOC…wrestlers can either go to pro wrestling or MMA

  • CMmox

    lol He’s the guy who played as the Whistler guy at Blade series ain’t he?

  • http://www.facebook.com/nhphimmasone Naleen Phimmasone

    They could’ve made “Ethnic Heroes” out of Yoshi Tatsu and Justin Gabriel and still could if they push production of their cruiserweight show.

  • glitch

    it must be a crime to put the wwe world strap on a black wrestler. now the latino demo is priority one. you can tell a republican runs this company.

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