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WWE To Make SmackDown Equal To RAW, John Cena News

– John Cena will not get the seventh spot in the WWE Money In the Bank Ladder Match, according to Wrestling Observer Radio. It’s expected that WWE will announce who will get that spot on this week’s episode of RAW.

– The plan is to make SmackDown an equal brand with RAW when the brand extension happens in July. Thus, the reason Cena is going to be on the SmackDown brand.

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  • Zack

    Have an internal competition. It’s clearly not working with TNA or the like. Split the writers, the talent and behind the scenes, make it your goal every week to outdo the other show. I would love them to have this kind of motive, if any.

    • Barooq Kidd #POP

      Such competition is necessary!

    • Bradley Patterson

      Well put…wwe needs competition to get better

    • jcice13

      that would be good but maybe the back stabbing and the one up manship might be bad for morale can you imagine how it would be if certain writers and performers were outdoing others.but it would be cool to see

    • Edynol

      This is how it was when Paul Heyman was writing for SD back when the first split happened. Smackdown was actually beating RAW in ratings for a while, but Vince didn’t like that and Paul eventually left for several years. But if Vince finally seeing the light and allowing Steph and Trips to handle things and make more money, then this is awesome. And bringing Cena over is a great idea. Though I am sure he’ll go back to RAW at some point, it will be good to give SD a nice kick-start when it goes live. I just hope they don’t break up the New Day.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m still curious as to how this is gonna actually shake out.
    Not saying it won’t work… but I think the way the title pictures are booked and weighted is going to go a long way toward deciding how successful this will be.

    • Y2J

      I’m very interested to see what the do with the WHC title picture. I’ve seen “reports” saying they’ll have one belt and others saying they’ll have two so who knows.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        I like the idea of one ‘major’ singles belt and two midcard belts. Remember, half the reason the original Brand Extension had two main-event belts was simply because they had spare belts from the WCW acquisition that they didn’t know what to do with. The problem that ended up happening, though – and it would be more pronounced with WWE having to either create or reinstate a belt instead of adopting one that already exists – is that the new title would be perceived as secondary. Which isn’t such a big deal if you don’t already have secondary titles. But WWE has a couple of them, which have potential if booked right, but adding another main-event belt will only shaft the midcard. Not to mention it would probably bloat PPVs. Sometimes ‘more’ isn’t ‘more.’

        My preference would be for the WWE, Tag, and Women’s titles to be cross-brand, with one show focusing (and by ‘focusing’, I mean ‘actually focusing’) on the US Title and the other focusing on the IC Title.

        Redesign the tag belts and move the ‘draft’ event to the night after WM or a supershow in early May, and I think you’ve got the makings of a good second brand extension.

        • Y2J

          I definitely see your point. My biggest concern though is that with only one major belt, the campion will never feud with someone on smackdown and it’ll mostly just be a Raw title

          • Edynol

            Not necessarily. If they alternate, it could work out pretty well. For a few months, the champ would feud with someone from RAW, then the next few months he would feud with someone for SD, giving the champ and the one he;s feuding with exposure on both shows.

          • Y2J

            If it’s done correctly I definitely would like to see just one major title and it definitely can be done correctly. Just knowing that it’s the WWE concerns me because they are capable of screwing up the easiest things lmao

          • Edynol

            Yeah I know. lol. It does get frustrating sometimes because I know they can do some awesome stuff but then go some other direction and screw it all up. Like with the original split, it was awesome for the first few years, but then Heyman and Vince bumped heads, Paul left for years, and Smackdown became crap.

            And say what ya want about HHH and Steph, I know they don’t always get it right because they still answer to Vince, but when left to their own devices they produce some great work imo. I mean, the Divas Revolution has been a remarkable success, the new call ups have been getting some good TV time, and the matches have, on average, been way more better this past year. Even the ones that suck, compared to a year or so ago, don’t suck as much. lol.

            So yeah, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the future for both shows right now.

  • Mark B.

    Here comes Bray Wyatt.

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