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WWE Network To Be Launched Early Next Year?, Goldberg DVD Review, Antonio Cesaro’s Swing

– WWE’s long planned cable could debut as early as early next year, according to sources within the sports-entertainment organization. One source specifically states that a target date is set for February 24, 2014, which is the day after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event. While the date has yet to be confirmed by a second source, people in WWE are working under the assumption that the WWE Network will be launched within the first quarter of next year.

Update: WWE issued the following statement regarding the start date for the WWE Network: “As discussed on WWE’s last earnings call, we continue to aggressively pursue the launch of a WWE Network in 2014 via traditional and non-traditional distribution models; however no launch date has been confirmed.”

SLAM! Wrestling has published a review of WWE’s Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection DVD and Blu-ray, which the columnist labels “all action, no words.”

“The great question heading into this review was whether or not the Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection would at least contain some interview clips with Bill Goldberg that would provide some insight on his career,” states Matthew Byer. “Unfortunately, there are absolutely none and that is really a shame because Goldberg in the late 1990s was at times rivaling Steve Austin in terms of popularity.”

– Antonio Cesaro’s swinging of Tensai on Raw is featured in this week’s “WWE Raw Slam of the Week.”

(source: PWInsider.com)

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  • ceddy01

    The wwe celebrated 50 yrs this year. Next yr they will be celebrating 30 yrs of werstlemania. I mean they have a looooooooooooooooooot of footage, and a lot of history to full that network with loads of content. Hopefully the network will be a success. I’ll pay for the first month if i don’t like hopefully it will be a free channel in the future cause i’m not wasting my money on crap.

  • Guest

    I forgot all about the WWE Network.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions

    You say WWE Network?

    • FordOLoads


    • Tim van Wijngaarden

      …..I don’t get it? Care to elaborate?

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions

        More interesting things happening than the non-existent WWE Network.

        • Stevewiser

          You’re trying too hard bro

  • Jbreed

    If I remember correctly the same thing was being said last year about the WWE network.

  • Bignic

    This just means another DVD is going to come out after Goldberg agrees to do Wrestlemania.

  • Tim van Wijngaarden

    Anyone remember that mad ad for the WWE Network with the dubstep and all the funky video effects?

  • Stevewiser

    I’d gladly pay for a WWE network as long as it’s not just a bunch of stupid “reality” shows like I expect it to be. I would love to see WWE put out documentaries along the lines of NFL films. Like retrospectives on big matches and feuds. I remember they put out a clip recapping the CM Punk/John Cena feud before Summerslam that was very NFL Filmsish, I could watch stuff like that all day.

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