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WWE Not Happy with Fans at HIAC, Rey & Cara’s New Masks, Legends Backstage

– As seen at WWE Hell In a Cell last night, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio debuted new masks. Rey’s mask features Cara’s design on the back while Cara’s mask features Rey’s design on the back. They will be using these masks from here on out.

– Some of the celebrities in attendance for WWE Hell In a Cell in Atlanta were die-hard WWE fans Chili of TLC fame and Oakland A’s player Josh Reddick. Wrestling legends Robert Gibson and “Squire” Dave Taylor were among those backstage visiting.

– WWE officials were not happy at all with the crowd at last night’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. The feeling was that the main event would have came off better on TV if the crowd would have been into it like officials expected.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • harshbaid

    the crowed sucked balls last night

  • lord

    What Da Fuck Please Some One Tell Me Which Main Event They Are Talking About ???????!!!!!

  • FacePuncher

    What do they expect when they have conditioned the crowd to only cheer for cena and Orton?

  • Chelsii.

    Very pleased I didn’t stay up to watch it… everything I predicted (Apart from Sheamus/Big Show) happened. WWE has become far too predictable.

  • ste

    agree with lord this is what happens when u always back the same people like john cena as the top guy cause if u cant use him and u havent given backing to new stars then the fans are not gonna give a damn

  • abrech

    The main event was not a good match, hence to the crowd not being into it. They shouldn’t be unhappy with the crowd, they should be unhappy with themselves.

  • Joseph

    Why blame the fans? It was the WWE writers that gave us an awful PPV. The main event was the shortest hiac ever. And why have a PPV titled Hell in a Cell with only 1 match in the cell?

  • Joseph

    P.S. Here is another chance the WWE will take to push Cena even further. They put on an awful PPV so they will blame it ont he fact that Cena was not on it, while in reality that was the best thing about the whole show.

  • Kayfabe fan

    And that’s why u shouldn’t target kids as your main crowd wwe ….

  • JG40

    WWE Fans Not Happy with WWE at HIAC.


  • Executive Son

    WWE should know that TNA is watching them.

  • stone cold

    i hope wwe doesnt have a ppv in atlanta in like 2 years.lets hope that idiapolis at SS is not gonna like be shit like antlata.

  • Phil

    I watched the Ultimate Warrior twenty years ago, and he was dull. I’ve watched Cena for much of the last decade, and its often been dull. Watching Rybak actually sell less than either of them last night? No wonder the crowd were a bit meh…

  • jayman

    WTF! The Main Event was awesome in my opinion. It was unpredictable and had great spots. They also used Ryback in the best of his abilities.

  • nightmare


  • sdd619

    I think Ryback should have gone over. The title change would have overshadowed the whole match

  • This is what you get when you don’t have cena in the main event….

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