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WWE Not Sure of Sheamus Yet, Plans for Randy Orton’s Return and More

– WWE Diva AJ Lee was at Marvel headquarters yesterday filming an interview with Lorraine Cink for Marvel’s The Watcher series.

– Due to the depth issues with WWE’s roster, Randy Orton will continue to be pushed near the top when he returns from suspension soon. Orton has been vocally frustrated in the sense that he believes he is better as a heel.

WWE feels they need one top babyface to anchor the live events and they are trying to get Sheamus there but aren’t sure if he’s ready yet, which is why Orton is still a babyface.

Orton is also frustrated because officials took his punt kick away from him, which was done because of the concussion issues.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Chelsii

    You’re NOT SURE? You’ve given him your World Heavyweight Championship and you’re NOT SURE? He’s one of the most popular babyfaces right now.

  • SoWii

    At least Orton knows he’s a better HEEL. And an interesting one too. Hmm..wonder if ADR can work as a face

  • havok

    sheamus is hugely over…how are you not sure

  • bork lazer

    Sheamus was always better as a heel. Randy was too but he can pull off being a face.

    Randy’s punt being taken away is bullshit. Did he ever actually give somebody a concussion? And even if he did I’m sure German suplex’s and the brogue kick plus more moves cause cumcussions but they do t take them away. -__-

  • mobi

    Turn Miz face and move him too smackdown. I recon Miz could easily get over and be one of the top faces.

  • Mizard of Oz

    Ziggler was cheered more than Sheamus on Sunday.

    That says a lot.

  • rob

    Sorry chelsii. I was the one who made that fake account of you. I think it about time I tell you.

  • havok

    randy sucks as a face, put him as a heel

  • RCmaster305

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR NOT SURE!? what is there not to be sure about he gets huge pops,is a great wrestler,decent on the mic,and has done a great job of playing the role of a dominate champion so far so what the hell is there not to be sure about

  • jerichoholic3

    I got an idea, get rid of this viper crap and bring back THE LEGEND KILLER (cocky orton) as a heel, his matches got stale ever since he turned face too

  • Mikey

    When a wrestling promotion books a face to win a world title in the opening match of Wrestlemania in 18 fucking seconds, of course his reactions from then on will be less than expected. Sheamus got dealt a bad hand in that decision. What they THOUGHT was a way to put Sheamus over, has actually made Daniel Bryan, more popular. That’s what happens when a company dictates what a fan should or should not like, forcefully, through such stupid nature. They rebel and cheer for “the wrong guy.”

    So WWE isn’t sure of Sheamus? Who’s fault is that? Definitely not Sheamus because he’s trying the best that he can. Also doesn’t help that their inconsistent booking of Ziggler got him more fans, wanting to see him rise above the BS he himself endured.

    Lack of foresight. That’s WWE’s fault.

  • sal

    sheamus sucks but all the lil jimmys like him

  • Ross

    Need a big cheesy face for live Smackdown events ? I know lets turn Big Show heel and move him to RAW !

  • desconosido


  • cody

    But if Randy is a heel he is sill going to be the fans favorite

  • That1GuyUknow

    we need orton as heel we have no main heel right now we only have daniel bryanand who knows what y2j is doing we need a main one like orton but not right now i still want orton vs jericho at mania

  • That1GuyUknow

    Orton needs to shave then he can turn heel im done with this wolverine crap…

  • Well, since Orton IS a heel, he should definitely be playing one. It’s more realistic, that way. As for Sheamus, I’m a huge supporter of his (and no, I’m not a “little jimmy”, sal). I think it’s great that he’s a face, and frankly, I thought that 18 seconds victory at Wrestlemania was hilarious! Bryan was the heel, Sheamus the was face, with one mighty brogue kick, the Great White put Dragon in his place! Laoch!

  • Stryker

    Maybe they should stop shoving HHH’s friends where they don’t belong and give the right guys that deserve that spot a chance like Dolph Zigler, Cody Rhodes and Hornswoggle…..ok FINE! Maybe not Hornswoggle.

  • D

    They should’ve known since the day Sheamus got the belt that it was a bad idea everyone at WRESTLEMANIA was cheering for DBryan on Sunday they cheered for Dolph, Take the belt away from Sheamus and give it to dolph!

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Stryker Clam it with that bullshit. Sheamus is talented. He’s got good command of the ring and may not use the largest moveset, but he’s versatile. Pretty much the only thing he doesn’t do is submissions, and he can even bust one of those out if given enough time during a match (he used a cloverleaf hold in his 2-3 falls match with Daniel Bryan.)

    The fact that he may or may not have connections doesn’t invalidate his talent. If you want to be technical, Cody Rhodes has better “connections” than Sheamus. He’s the son of a Hall-of-Famer. But does that have anything to do with the fact that Rhodes is indeed a talented wrestler and a very solid mic worker given his young age? Hell no, it doesn’t.

    Not to mention you’re comparing apples and oranges. Ziggler and Rhodes are both heels – and very good ones, I might add – but WWE’s looking for a top face. The problem is that there’s very little variety in how WWE books their top faces, and that WWE makes them wrestle very formulaic matches in non-PPV settings. Even Punk, as great a wrestler as everyone KNOWS he is, has more or less the same few moves he uses toward the end of a match. Short-Arm Clotheslines, Modified Neckbreaker, Corner Shining Wizard to Running Bulldog, “Savage” Elbow, GTS. See what I mean? Now, Punk’s not stale yet, but he’s surely not as fresh as he was about a year ago, and that’s not at all his fault because he doesn’t lack for talent.

  • *Just a side note to my earlier comment: Daniel Bryan is very talented, and he will have his day. But I was approaching the WrestleMania match from a storyline standpoint, rather than a technical one. Since Bryan’s character had been naughty, I thought it appropriate that Sheamus’ character dispatch him the way he did. I was surprised by the 18-second match, yes, but was I angry? No, not at all. So great, I have my opinion, but truthfully, Daniel Bryan will be main-eventing PPV’s for many years to come. He will be rewarded for his hard work and patience.

  • GunShark

    @ bork lazer:
    There was an article about Cody Rhodes not long ago, where he stated in an interview where Orton gave him the punt to the skull, and cracked his protective face mask in half. The one that was supposed to be unbreakable. Cody went on to say that, had it not been for the mask, the kick probably would have killed him.

    So, yes, there is enough of a reason for the move to be banned. He’s reckless with it, and, if you go back and look at the times he’s used it, there are more than a few times where you can clearly tell the recipient of the kick is doing more than merely “really selling it”.

    There’s a difference between selling a move, and getting the shit kicked out of your head. The first person that clearly comes to mind here is Vince McMahon. Go back and watch it. It’s brutal. If Randy can’t control it, then he has no business using the punt, and it should be banned.

  • mathew

    Hey Chris stryker. How’s the aswf going.

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