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WWE NXT Divas Visit Elementary School; AJ, Miz and Alicia Visit Kids Hospital – Miz Schooled

– WWE NXT Divas Anya, Summer Rae, Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks and Audrey Marie visited Dunbar Elementary school in Florida today. They shared their success stories and took questions.

– Meanwhile, AJ Lee, Alicia Fox and The Miz visited the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis today. They brought presents and holiday cheer to kids there. One kid dubbed Mini-Miz by Fox schooled Miz on NFL stats and bragged about his Indianapolis Colts defeating Miz’s Cleveland Browns earlier this year.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying watching me get schooled by a high school junior,” Miz said to AJ and Alicia, who couldn’t stop laughing. “You know what you’re doing,” he conceded to Michael. “This kid knows football.”

“I’ve never seen anyone make Miz speechless before,” AJ said. “This is the best day ever.”

Here’s a photo:

miz aj alicia kids

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  • LOL. If it wasn’t for the promotional work that Alicia does for the WWE, she wouldn’t still be employed.

  • It would be a shame if WWE released Alicia. She is the 2nd best diva in WWE behind Nattie. Alicia & Nattie should be feud for the title. The way to get interested in the divas would be to have a Eve/AJ feud or Natalya/Alicia feud because if you haven’t seen their matches together you need to they had 1 match that was about 7-8 minutes long without the entrances or anything

  • Alicia is probably the best female public speaker they have right now alongside Stephanie, Eve and to some extent Layla. Plus she’s a solid wrestler when she’s a heel. It would be their loss if they released her.

  • SdotC

    @Mindy Eve SUCKS on the mic. To me, her promo on the Raw after Mania was the worst promo I’ve ever seen…and there have been some baddd promos before. No one on the entire roster makes it as blatantly obvious as her that she’s reading a script. She’s afraid to improvise even one word and never interacts with the crowd. When you’re a heel and the crowd is booing, try telling them to shut up or something! Anything!! She’s absolutely horrible on the mic.

    And she’s not really believable in the ring either. To me, the only “divas” that have been believable wrestlers in recent times have been Natalya, Beth and AJ when she’s aggressive. You have to remember, the the goal of a wrestler (other than popping the crowd and drawing money) is to make fans feel like it’s real. Alicia Fox sure as hell doesn’t do that for me.

  • SdotC

    *worst promo on Raw*, not worst in general. There’s been much worse

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