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The WWE Is One Of FloSports’ Investors

As reported by Wrestling Observer, the WWE has been announced as part of a $21.2 million group of investors in FloSports.

Being a subscription based sports media company, FloSports focuses on video content relating to MMA, amateur wrestling, boxing, volleyball, and more. Presumably, now sports entertainment content will also find itself in the mix.

FloSports is moving towards growth and has recently hired new MMA staffers including Jeremy Botter, Front Row Brian and Duane Finley. They also stream live events and have moved into the realm of exclusive documentary films.

The other companies involved in the capital conglomerate investment are Discovery Communications and Causeway Media Partners.

The WWE has invested in companies in the past such as Avid and Tout. They also brought the traditionally MMA based brand, TapOut, back from the brink of oblivion.

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