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WWE PC News, Update on Changes for Drew McIntyre, Alexa Bliss

– WWE developmental head trainer Bill DeMott revealed on Twitter that Christian and Perry Saturn were working with talents at the Performance Center this past week. He tweeted:

“Big thanks to @Christian4Peeps and @PerrySaturn1 for a great week @WWEPerformCtr #NXTMEANSBUSINESS”

– WWE NXT Diva Alexa Bliss showed off her new purple hair on Instagram:

Alexa Bliss purple hair

– We noted before that Drew McIntyre was being discussed for a character change and that he may be leaving 3MB soon. After missing some ringside appearances with partners Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, McIntyre has changed his Twitter bio. Last night he tweeted, “#WheresDrew?” He also tweeted a “what’s next” message last week:

“WWE gives me unique opportunity to feel like working territories, first Mid South as Chosen One, Memphis madness with 3MB,wonder what’s next”

Drew’s Twitter bio now reads like this, mentioning his old “Chosen One” gimmick:

“WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre’s forceful nature is only outdone by his extreme confidence and ironclad resolve as The Chosen One.”

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  • KingBack

    That would be awesome if Drew got back to the choosen one or at least got a more
    serious gimmick.
    And if 3MB still is going to be called 3MB instead of 2MB when you could have Curt Hawkins join them.


      Just call them B.M. cuz that’s what they smell like…

    • mrlaw

      Drew does not need the chosen one gimmick anymore.. He did that and WWE dropped the ball on it. He has been a low carder and a jobber ever since.. Who the hell would choose him to be a chosen one?

      • KingBack

        Curtis Axel wasn’t even on NXT and suddenly Paul Heyman picks that dude as the new Paul Heyman guy..
        It’s not that hard.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Short, curvey brunettes are where its at. I’m a Mickie & AJ guy.

    • Aksana.fan

      I’m an aksana guy


        2010 Aksana maby when she was a blond and in shape not the 2013 version…

        • Aksana.fan

          I like the 2013 version…

  • Danny Morgan

    barrett, drew and sheamus another heel threesome, the 6 man tag team scene would be off the scale

    • Rene Ramirez


    • Steven

      UK Faction or the British Combo 😮

    • mrlaw

      NO! NO! NO! No more 3 man groups.. They have three already including Drew’s current crew.

      • Danny Morgan

        so then with my suggestion there will still be three……


    I was wondering where the CLB was hiding….

  • DancyHercules3

    Drew as a Heyman Guy would be amazing

    • Rene Ramirez

      thought so myself but the trio idea son better would love to see them against the shield heels vs heels teem

  • tt2000

    Good for Drew if it happens. Heath Slater is clearly the star of the group though. Wouldn’t mind seeing 3MB split up. Drew goes solo, Slater continues being awesome and poor Jinder may have to find another job.

  • Travis Rogers

    About fucking time!

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