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WWE Gives Update on CM Punk’s Condition

As noted earlier, WWE has reported that both CM Punk and The Miz were injured at Monday’s Raw event. Since then they have provided the following update on CM Punk’s condition:

“WWE.com spoke to Dr. Amann for an update on CM Punk’s condition. “Fortunately, he is feeling a lot better,” Dr. Amann told WWE.com “Punk’s injuries do not seem to be as severe as we initially anticipated, so we did not have to do any additional studies or imaging. It looks like it’s mostly just bumps and bruises, and we are going to keep on monitoring him. His status is day-to-day.”

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  • Edynol

    That’s what I admire most about those like Punk and Bryan, they take more and bigger bumps than most others and keep on going. And not only do they keep going, they still outperform everyone else while doing it.

    • Chelsii?

      That’s why they’re the two top guys there right now (as Cena is injured). I’d like to see Daniel Bryan and Punk against the Shield on a Raw main event down the road soon.

  • Mohamed Abdo

    The only match right now to make WWE worth watching could be D.Bryan vs CM Punk .. unlike that , it’s going down . Bryan vs Orton became boooring now . I hate the shield’s domination . The roster that perform every RAW & SD are those who do the 3 vs 11 main event last RAW and all the other matches that night included the same wrestlers . I’m sick of Punk revenge on Heyman , became boring . SOMETHING SPECIAL MUST HAPPEN . That’s my opinion .

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