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WWE Puts Current Gimmick On Hold, What Happened After SmackDown

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE tapings in Fresno, California saw Sheamus defeat Wade Barrett in a Street Fight.

– The Wrestling Globe reports that WWE officials have decided to put Brodus Clay’s “Funkasaurus” gimmick on hold for the time being. Word is that Vince McMahon feels that Clay’s ring work wasn’t where it needed to be for WWE TV.

The match against Heath Slater was cut from SmackDown a few weeks back when the decision was made that Clay needed to work on his in-ring skills.

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  • Pipebomb

    NOOOOOOOOO Fucking Vince, teh first character in a long time what was funny, Natalya farting is soo funny hihihihi fart poop pee hehe i say it in Day Care always fart poop ass hehehahah i love ry mysterio jon cena im 6 year old

  • Zer00

    They didn’t figure that out when they delayed his debut for 2 months?

  • The only living breathing romping stomping Funkasauras NOT in captivity

    Some body call my momma….so she can call Brodus momma about this!

  • Kedo2

    truth is that he didn’t do many moves … mostly it was about all the same … And I don’t know about you but it was boring now … They should build up the character from better guyz like Heath … Try Alberto, A-Ry, …

  • robert

    fuck you vince u old senile retard…retire please

  • JamesBooth

    @Pipebomb: PIPEBOOOMB !

  • glitch

    this can’t possibly be because of his wrestling, which is no worse than any other big guy they have. might as well put the big show on hold with that logic. nothing the company does anymore makes any sense.

    clearly this is just more failure from their creative writing staff and vince. collectively they have not come up with an interesting storyline since the first nexus attack, and before that, i can’t even remember without going back deep into the attitude era. how this company stands alone at the top is beyond me. i cannot believe that no other wrestling promotion is capable of giving this weak product a run for its money. i’m thinking now would be a damn good time to get into the wrestling business.

  • eyeofthestorm

    This has to be from backstage heat, because if it’s from ring work then Vince has no doubt gone senile because they’re putting Great Khali in the Elimination Chamber, and Brodus’s finisher takes more skill than what Khali has all together.

  • Thrust!

    YES! YES! YES! No more crap music! No more fat bastard jiggling all over the ring! No more of those two ugly bitches! YES! YES! YES!

  • nowshiz

    what was the point of hyping his return when his in ring work needed improvement. taking him off television will hurt his chances of getting over

  • Nick

    I don’t even like that stupid “Funkasaurus” gimmick but, since when does McMahon give two shits about someones ring work?

  • Ric


    Exactly. How is Brodus exactly not up to “standard” when such luminaries as Mason Ryan and The Great Khali allowed to maintain their roster positions?

    It makes little sense, and at least Brodus had fun with his gimmick.

  • Shocked_n_Awed

    They’re highly unlikely to come out and say, “We shit the bed with this character, so Brodus Clay is on hiatus for re-tooling.”

    How would anyone outside of backstage know if his ringwork was subpar? You certainly couldn’t tell that from watching him on TV, he never got more than a 30 second, three-move squish match.

    I feel worst for JR; once again, they’ve made him look the fool. Wasn’t he the one blogging a few weeks ago not to get all over Clay for the ridiculous gimmick, and that his sizzle in the ring would win us over soon?!

  • ReVeLaTeD

    Brodus was set to fail. Monster gimmicks only to debut as basically a fat Ernest Miller. Bad.

  • ricky neal

    How can you judge a performer’s in-ring work when you only book him for thirty second squashes?

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