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WWE Release Confirmed, Why Doesn’t Punk Tweet Positive Comments?, Ryder-RAW

– Zack Ryder revealed on Twitter that he will have a new t-shirt debuting on Monday’s RAW.

– WWE Champion CM Punk wrote the following on Twitter about why he doesn’t re-tweet or respond to positive fan comments while he does the negative comments:

“The reason I don’t retweet/respond to nice things people say to/about me is because so many wrestlers do it and it just looks desperate. The horrible/negative stuff is hilarious to me though and needs to be seen to be believed half the time.”

PWInsider confirms other reports that Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) has been released from her WWE developmental deal. The word going around is that she asked for the release but nobody seems to know why. Vickie Guerrero has not commented through Twitter and remains positive. She noted that she will be touring colleges with her other daughter next week.

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  • maxpower

    Now everybody will be tweeting negative comments to Punk just to get retweeted.

  • Heisenberg

    This guy is arrogant enough that he thinks he is different and wants to be different. But in reality his just another feeling witty guy who thinks he is way more superior to others who tweets/follows him. To submit up, he has no class and a certified asshole.

  • Steve V

    And Heisenberg is proving Punk’s point.

  • Adam

    Punk is playing his heel character on Twitter, in case you didn’t know. Some wrestlers prefer to be themselves on twitter, others prefer to be their character.

  • Mark


    -The character of Heisenberg in Breaking Bad is that of a man with genius intellect. By the looks of your post, you fail to even type a coherent sentence; making mistakes such as typing ‘submit’ instead of ‘sum it’.

    Quit it with that username and stop embarrassing yourself.

    Also, it’s pretty obvious that Punk is working the Twitter community and enhancing his onscreen character. All good wrestlers know how to work a crowd, be it socially or in an arena.

    So quit being a clueless mark, also.

  • Mareen

    Punk was bashing fans for spelling mistakes, telling them he will not wish them happy birthdays, retweeting bad comments even when he was a face. So no Punk bandwagoners, he is not playing a heel. He is playing himself. Punk is like the type of guy who gets disgusted by too much praise and nice comments and requests from fans and all.

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