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WWE Releases Developmental Wrestler, The Brad Maddox Experience, Maxine

– Chad Baxter indicated on Twitter Wednesday and Thursday that he has been released from his developmental contract with WWE.

“Good luck with your future endeavours,” he wrote in a message yesterday before stating he’s a free agent.

He then posted multiple fan messages offering encouragement, including one saying he can “always make an impact.”

Baxter, whose real name is Derek Foore, was a Notre Dame collegiate wrestling champion WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco recruited last year. He sparingly competed for NXT until the summer, and then was primarily relegated to non-televised events.

– Brad Maddox is featured in this week’s “Outside the Ring” as he prepares for his $1 million WWE contract match with Ryback. “Get inside Maddox’s head as his dream to compete in a WWE ring came true against an unstoppable juggernaut,” WWE states.

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– Former WWE Diva Maxine stated on Twitter Thursday that she is a spokesmodel for Artix Entertainment, a video game developer. She shot material for the company today.

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  • Jon

    That ‘I could always make an impact somewhere else’ line is getting more and more lame with every time a talent gets released

  • Jon

    I was scared it was Moxley/Ambrose or Ohno though.

  • Tommy

    Linda McMahon presents: Failed Campaign Cleaning. Enjoy the show kids

  • GN-0015

    @Jon – You’re absolutely right about it. I remember about somebody who looked like Ezekiel Jackson (think his name was Marcus Owens) got released and he ranted about being held back and going to show WWE what they had just let go. And now I wonder if he’s still wrestling.

  • brandon

    Lisa really needs to get fucked. She’s probably got cobwebs going on down there.

  • The Boy

    ^ maybe you should take one for the team.

  • 889

    inb4 Lisa ruining the comment section

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Don’t you guys realize you’re enabling by mentioning you-know-who in every fucking thread? No disrespect, but are you guys new to the internet, or what? Trolls get their power from attention.

    Now, back to subjects that matter… does anyone else not remember Chad Baxter being on the developmental roster to begin with? x.x

  • 889

    You don’t have to explain trolls or the internet to us. It comments even if we don’t mention it.

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