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WWE Releases NXT Star, Eva Marie’s Future, Joey Mercury

– Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore is apparently replacing Joey Mercury as a coach in WWE developmental. Mercury is being set up for a producer’s job with the main roster.

– WWE recently released former MMA fighter Phil Friedman, who wrestled as James Bronson in NXT. He is the son of former Mattel and Toys R Us president Neil Friedman. It’s said that given he’s in his late 30’s, his signing was partially a favor. Bronson had been out of action for a while with an injury.

– People within WWE have acknowledged that Eva Marie comes off on TV like a star, whether she can wrestle or not. The idea is they have to figure out a role for her.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I think Eva Marie is going to be a big deal in the WWE i always thought that she would be more over than JoJo.

    • Shell

      I don’t like Eva or Jojo. There’s nothing interesting about them. They would be better off being companions for superstars.

    • JH

      I don’t, she looks great, but she can’t deliver lines to save her life, no idea about her wrestling ability though.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        People say that her in ring skills are terrible but i think that she can turn around and do really good in the WWE. But i think that they need to work on her character and she needs to work on her in ring skills. Then i think that she can do realy good in the WWE.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    DERP. Make her a valet. Thought that would be obvious. >.>

  • Hele

    The right idea is to let Eva Marie go and bring back Melina,Beth Phoenix,Maria and Kharma.Why bother keeping people like Eva who can’t work,no wrestling experience to begin with,hangs around with guys like fandango like a slut.Either that or scout people from independent promotions who actually at least has TALENT.Here’s a start to revive their divas division,bring Paige into the main roster.

    • stevewiser

      Lol Maria sucks and seems like a genuine pain in the ass. Also Beth Phoenix left on her own.

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